My Son.

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A little dark and triggering. Not too graphic

Henry had been back at school for just over two months now. He had been planning on coming home for the weekend and bringing his girl, Beth as a surprise. Beth was excited but really nervous especially after hearing ho protective his mommy is. Yes Henry still called Regina mommy, even to Beth.

  Henry and Beth were laying in bed, fooling around a little. They still hadn't gone all the way on account to Henry being the gentleman he was raised to be...he wanted to be in love with the person he had sex could Beth ever be opposed to such gentleman like behavior.

"Hen...I'm nervous." Beth mumbled when they pulled apart, her chin resting now on his chest. She giggled and reached her thumb up wiping away her lipstick that smudged off on to Henry's lips.

"Don't parents will love you. Promise."

Beth opened her mouth as if to say something, but Henry beat her to it. "I'm just worried because they've been fighting..." He looked down sadly and Beth lifted his chin, bringing him back to her. Beth's parents divorced when she was eleven, so she was used to constant fighting...yet she tried her hardest to look in from Henry's side of things.

"I just..." He inhaled sharply and gently caressed Beth's back. "My parents have always been helplessly in love...for as long as I can remember. I still remember the look in moms eyes when mama would enter a room..pure adoration and love. I don't want that to stop..."


Henry hummed softly and looked over at Beth, kissing her forehead. "Why do you love this movie so much?" He mumbled against her soft skin. " doesn't happen like this...this's what everyone dreams, but no one can reach."

Henry hummed and looked up at the screen with a smile, a new appreciation for this movie. The Notebook.

Henry's phone rang and he picked up quickly with a small smile, "hey sis!" He was greeted by the sound of sniffling and sharp intakes of breath.

"Grace Marie, where are you?" Henry sat up more straight and Beth watched him, concerned.

"I-in my closet..." She stuttered.


"I'm scared...." A weak sob broke through that tore Henry's heart.

"Why honey?"

"Moms they're fighting..."

"Grace it'll stop..." He nodded encouragingly. "It's moms! They always make up."

"No!" Grace said in complete defeat and frustration. "They started fighting a week after you left...its chaos here." She sniffled.

"What..." Henry was thrown off

"Moms don't think I know so...please don't say anything!"

"Why don't they think you know ?"

"When I walk in a room..they stop."

Henry gave a silent nod and sigh as his answer.

"Mommy just threw a mug at mamas head..."

"WHAT!" Henry shouted in distress.

"Don't missed. Mama dodged it."

Henry shook his head in disbelief.

"They aren't sleeping in the same room. I know this cause I walked down to get water two nights in a was on the couch. Mommy sleeps in the room."

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