Anything's Possible.

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Henry would be starting kindergarten in two weeks..and he needed to get a regular physical and also a cancer checkup. Regina would have to take him because Emma would be working. She really didn't want to because the only person who knew Henry, the only one Henry was comfortable with was Dr. Whale..and Regina really did not want to see him..ever again if she could help it, but she knew that wasn't possible.

"Regina! You're not going to him. Go somewhere, anywhere else!"

"Emma..I have to because Henry is comfortable..I can..I can deal with Whale." She growled and sighed, shaking her head as she sat on the phone, on hold with the receptionist to Dr. Whales office.

"Oh my god. Are you kidding!?"

"Emma. Please not now." Regina said sternly, her eyes showing how serious she really was. Emma shook her head and laughed, walking out of the bedroom.
"Mommy!" Henry called from his bedroom and Emma sighed, "bud, she's on the phone! She will be out in a minute."

Henry peaked his head out of his room and looked up at Emma, smiling. "No! You mommy.." He ran to Emma and wrapped his arms around her neck. Emma gasped and tears rushed to her eyes. "W-what..?" She stuttered quietly, rubbing the back of Henry's head.

"Y-you my mommy...that's mama.." He whispered as if it was obvious and he smiled.

"What's going on out here!?" Regina giggled once she walked out of the bedroom. "Henry just called me mommy.." Emma whispered quietly and giggled, shaking her head.

Regina gasped and bit her bottom lip, sinking down beside the pair. "He what?" She whispered lovingly and shook her head back and forth.

"That okay?" Henry mumbled, embarrassed and he swayed back and forth.

"Of course that's okay little bug!" Regina squealed and giggled, picking him up. "Do you feel like she's your mommy?"

"Uh huh.."

"Well may call her that my boy." Regina didn't really know how she felt about it one one hundred percent...her and Emma weren't married, they had been separated once before and who knows if it would happen again. She definitely hoped it wouldn't, but sometimes things just happen.

That night Emma and Regina laid in bed naked, their legs wrapped around one another and their chests moving rapidly as they caught their breath, smiling lazily at one another.

"Hmm...that was amazing." Emma mumbled in Regina's ear, kissing the side of her head.

"Yes it amazing."

Emma smiled and gently ran her fingers up and down Regina's back, drawing small shapes. Regina laid her head on Emmas chest and wrapped the blankets completely around their bodies.

"I can not believe Henry called me mommy.."

"No, neither can I...but I mean he does love you very much."

Regina turned on her side and Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's middle. "Our little family.."


They fell asleep like that, curled up into one another.

The next day Regina woke up early. She had to take Henry to the doctor today and was dreading well as Emma. Emma didn't understand why Regina had to go see Dr. Whale. There are so many other doctors, but Henry had told them both that he was the only Doctor he wanted to check him out...he was little, and had almost completely forgotten that Victor had made his mother cry just a few short weeks before.

"I have to go.." Regina whispered in Emma's ear, as she slept with her head on the pillow, blonde hair surrounding it.

"Oh shit! That's now?" Emma asked, jumping awake groggily. "Yes it is..and you have to be at work in an hour so get up and ready baby." Regina gently kissed Emma and stood up straight to Henry running in the room with his shoes in hand.

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