Moving on

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ADMIN- WARING! Tons of filthy moments. Enjoy!!! ;)

Four months later...

"Okay Mrs. Regina-"

"Regina will be fine.." the brunette muttered, clearing her throat and slowly pulling her hair back into a loose pony tail. On her left sat Emma, tall and strong..staring straight at the wall across from her.

"Right. Okay, Regina then. How are you feeling today? How have the past few days been in general?"

Emma scoffed. Therapy. Why? Emma thought they were doing just fine without it..Regina on the other hand-

"I- I'm okay. Some days are better than others, but then...the flashbacks come and it's hard to even breathe." Emma looked over at Regina and let out a sad sigh, her eyes falling down toward the disgusting plaid couch cushions. I mean who would even pick such ugly-

"Emma?" The therapist pulled her from her thoughts. "How are you doing?"

"I-" slowly Regina linked her pinky with Emma's and gave her a small reassuring smile. 'For Regina' was all Emma kept telling herself.
"I feel Regina pulling away from me. All the time. Sometimes I feel as if we're beginning to get somewhere..and then others...I feel one million miles away from her. I mean..a few months back we had amazing se-"

"Emma." Reginas tone was soft..embarrassed maybe? But firm.

"Sex?" The therapist finished. Emma gave him a soft, shy nod. He sat there in silence for a moment, almost contemplating his next words. "That is...probably confusing for you both I bet. Because..that attraction has never left, and may feel as though that's the only way to connect..." they both gave a nod.
"Fight it."

At that both of their heads flew up, looking right at him. "W-what?" They both asked in unison. "Don't have sex? I'm confused?" Emma shook her head, becoming defensive. "Oh yes Emma. You heard me exactly right. As amazing and close it may make you feel in the can be extremely damaging."


"Emma dear..calm down..." Regina rubbed her thumb over the back of Emma's hand, listening to what the therapist had to say. "Because! both have rekindled something..that can be amazing don't get me wrong, but when you're battling with so many conflicting can be confusing and make you feel like you don't deserve to be upset anymore. Like you should just get over it because you..made up. Which isn't the case." Now he was looking directly at Regina. "It's clearly not the case because you've both come to me to help save your marriage. So."

Emma gripped onto the couch with all her might, her forehead wrinkled and her face began to turn red. She felt like a child. How could this man just deny such an intimate thing. Especially from a married couple. He continued, taking out his notepad.

"I'm going to prescribe you both two months of zero physical contact."

"WHAT!" Emma stood up abruptly.

"Emma sit down! Please..." Regina gently tugged on the side of her pants. Reginas voice seemed to calm Emma and she slowly sat back down.

"I just..I don't get it. What is this going to do?" Emma whined.

"Yes, please do explain. I am not quite getting it either." Regina tilted her head, crossing her legs.

" hugging, no kissing, and definitely no sex. This will help you both see how much you mean to each other, how much you want to be in each other's lives..without physical contact. Physical contact can also deceive your emotions. Make you feel in love or almost dependent on a person. If by the end of these two months, you feel fine or don't care about being close to one another..I say that's a bigger problem. If by the end of these two months you feel more love for one another than ever, and you feel..well for lack of better word...hungry for one another...that's a very good sign."

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