All Done.

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Monday 8am
"Morning class! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend." Regina sighed and walked around her desk, her heels clicking against the wood floor as she leaned against the back of it. " it is time for work to begin again." Kids booed and frowned, laughing softly.

"Settle down, settle down! Today's assignment is simple. Choose your favorite poet. Pick a poem by them that you like and use their theme with different words. Understood! Make them good. Grades are purely on effort and skill." Regina walked back around to the front of her desk and signed, sitting down in her chair, pulling out her reading glasses and grading other students work.

Emma couldn't stop thinking about what happened the night before...her heart was pounding one million miles a minute as she looked at her very beautiful, very very beautiful teacher. She swallowed hard and bit her lip. I was normal to feel this way about a teacher right? A lot of students felt this at one point? Maybe it was a good thing? It made her different from the rest? She tried to think up any excuse she could to feel this way as long as she could, but even she knew it was wrong.

Regina looked up and saw Emma staring at her, her eyes glued to her. "Ms. Swan, dear." Sh said snapping her fingers at Emma from her desk. Emma jumped back to reality and blushed brightly.

"Oh...I'm sorry R- Ms. Mills.."

Regina knew she was thinking about her, or about her kiss. Highly inappropriate. Or at least that's what Regina just kept on telling herself...over and over.

"Ms. Swan...I need to speak with you after class.." Regina looked back down at her papers and began to grade again.

"W-what? Did I do something?" She really didn't want to spend longer than she had to with this brown eyed, class teaching beauty.

"No. I just have something I'd like to discuss with you." Regina sighed loudly and licked her finger, putting it to the corner of a graded assignment and flipping to the next one.

Emma squeezed her eyes shut and tried to think of what this could be about. Besides that kiss to the cheek Emma thought the night was rather great! Henry seemed to like her well enough and well...if she was being honest so did Regina.

For the rest of the class Emma couldn't even put pen to paper without a distracting thought running through her mind. She groaned as the bell rung and Regina stood at the door collecting each poem before the students left. "Class assignments should have been finished in class! They will be graded finished or not!" She said sternly, collecting each paper. Emma stayed slouched in her seat and looked down at her poem. Their was only two words written..'Emma Swan' right in the top left hand corner of the page. She gulped as Regina moved toward her.

"Ms. Swan.." She sighed and waited until the last student was out of the room before taking a seat next to Emma. "So..Emma.." She whispered and Emma felt her heart leap once and her stomach do a summersault.



Regina looked at Emma's poem and raised an eyebrow. "Emma, that's a zero..." She sighed and closed her eyes. "You didn't even get one verse down?" She asked sounding whole heartedly conflicted. "What kind of teacher would I be if I let you pass and made everyone else who didn't do their assignments fail?"

"Not a very good one." Emma sighed. "Don't worry..I'll take the zero. Don't get yourself fired..." Emma stood and began to pack her bags. "That's all?"

"No, actually."

"No..? Okay..." Emma slowly began to sit back down, her hands clammy. She wiped them against her jeans and let out a breath of air.

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