Days Have Been Better.

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A/N: this is a long chapter guys, but I love this one! If the beginning of the chapter leaves you in a lot of wonder it won't be that way for long. Enjoy the chapter!

Regina grunted and picked her baby boy, her tiny child, her Henry up out of his car seat and she lifted him over her shoulder, carrying him inside. He had been running a high temp and feeling absolutely sick. He was asleep now, groaning quietly and Regina whispered soothing nothings into his ear to get him to calm down. "Shh..."

Henry felt Regina lay him down in his bed and turn his lamp off so his big brown eyes slowly opened. "Mommy?"

"Yes sweetheart..?" Regina whispered running her hand over Henry's small, bald scalp.

"Read to me? So..that way I go to sleepy better?" He whispered, laying down and pulling his blankets up around his neck.

"Of course my handsome prince.." She bopped his nose and he giggled softly, sighing. The veins on his eyelids were much stronger right now and his eyes were all puffy and red. Regina picked up his favorite book 'the ugly duckling' and sat down beside him. He loved it because the one duck in the book was him, least that's what he would say every time the book was chosen for story time.

Regina looked at Henry quickly and kissed his head, she looked down and noticed his lips were really dry and cracked. "Baby boy are your lips feeling chapped?"

"Yea mommy. The doctor say it's cause my medicine..." He sniffled quietly and licked his lips.

"The doctor says it's because of your medicine." She corrected and cupped his cheeks, "alright...well mommy will fix that!" She bent down and grabbed her purse that was sitting down by her legs. She found her small tub of vaseline and she rubbed it over Henry's lips. "Better?"

"Yeah mommy..."

"Good. Now...let me start the story?" Henry nodded eagerly and Regina giggled. She only ever acted this way with her little boy, her prince. He brought the best out in her, the smile. He made her life a better place to be, a happier place and she was so thankful she got the privilege of having him. After Regina finished the story and Henry had fallen asleep, she leaned down and kissed his head before slowly standing up and walking downstairs and into her bedroom, crawling under her covers quietly. Slow, silent tears dropped down her cheeks. She sniffled and bit her lip, rubbing the tears away from her eyes.

Her baby boy...her perfect little prince. He hadn't always been ill. When he was two he used to love to help Regina bake and watch her. He would also love to go outside and play soccer--well.toss the ball around, go to the park and swing, slide down the slides. He was a healthy boy.

"Mommy?" Regina gasped and slowly turned around, flicking her lights on.

"Little prince? What is it?"

"Couldn't sleep without you.." He whimpered.

"Alright...come snuggle with mommy." Regina opened the covers up and pulled Henry under with her, holding him close to keep him nice and warm.

"Thanks, I love you! Night mommy..." Henry whispered before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

"Night my boy...mommy loves you too" Regina gently kissed his head and sighed.

The next morning Regina got up with a small frown, Henry was sweating awfully. "Damn it..." She whispered under her breath, she lifted Henry up and sighed. Her sheets needed to be washed now from the sweat over where his body was. "Baby boy...?" Henry slowly stirred and his teeth chattered.


"Hi sweetie, let's get you cleaned up?" She ran him a cool bath and slowly set him into it, washing his body and hair. Once he was done he ran to his room and pulled on his favorite set of pjs for the day.

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