Mixed Emotions

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One month later

"Henry! Henry wake up...Henry please wake up!" Regina sobbed over his lifeless body as he laid in the hospital bed, his face a bright red color. The doctors rushed in immediately and came to his side, wheeling him out and into immediate surgery. "We need as many hands on deck as we can!" The doctor called running into an O.R.

Emma held Regina up as she sobbed and pushed against Emma's chest, tears running down Emma's face but she tried her best to stay strong for Regina. She needed to be strong for Regina...

Regina cried into Emma's chest, Emma was trying to keep Regina up but couldn't. She lifted her into her arms and sat on the middle of the hospital floor with her.

"I could feel his pulse!" Regina sobbed and Emma squeezed her eyes closed trying to keep it together.

"Shh...he's a fighter..."

Emma wore a black dress and black heels with a bow on the side of the shoe. She stood towards the front and kept her head down, not looking at anyone,..trying to process this as best she could. Dead. He was dead...but...how? It all happened way to fast. He was to young...he should have lived longer, had a fighting chance. She cried into her hand, muffling the noises and everyone else cried around her as well.

Once the funeral had come to an end she left...she didn't say anything to anyone...she needed to get out of there.

"Emmy!" Henry called laying in his hospital bed with a smile, he didn't understand why Emma looked so sad so he was trying to cheer her up. "Hey champ..." She mumbled, taking off her heels and slipping on some slippers the hospital had provided her with. "Emma..." A husky, soft voice whispered from behind her. Emma turned around and wrapped her arms around Regina, crying softly into her shoulder. "It...it was awful! He...he was so lifeless...so cold."

"Oh honey..." Regina rubbed gentle circles on Emma's back and sighed.

"I mean...he was with me everyday growing up. My absolute best friend. We were always close...he was to young to die...he was put into some fancy casket..something his parents probably payed boo-coo money for! I couldn't stay for the burial...I just couldn't handle it." Emma whimpered and buried her face into Regina's neck.

"Emma...I offered to go with you, support you."

"No...no you had to stay with Henry. I mean he just had surgery last week from a freaking brain bleed...he needed you more." Emma sniffled and wiped away her tears.

"His name was...Scott. We did everything together..."

"I'm sure he's living it up and has so many people to protect and look after. You included." Regina smiled rubbing Emma's back gently.

"Emmy stop being sad now?" Henry sniffled, gauze wrapped around his tiny head and a smile still proudly on his face. Henry had fallen a few days ago and hit his head off the staircase...Regina took him to the E.R just in case and they told her it was nothing, he would be fine. Morons. He had a brain bleed and three hours later was rushed into immediate surgery.

"Yes, I'll stop..." Emma whispered and kissed the top of Henry's head.

"Look Emmy! I got me a slushy! Well..mommy got me it." He giggled, slurping the delicious icy treat through his straw. "Blue raspberry!"

Emma giggled and nodded. "I can tell.." She laughed smiling at Henry's blue lips and the ring of blue surrounding his mouth.

"He insisted on blue raspberry and when I gave him more...clean options he said.." She looked and Henry and laughed. "Tell her what you said.."

"Emmy would let me!"

Emma snickered behind her hand and poked Henry's side. "That's right! I would let you because I'm fun and your mom isn't.." She said behind her hand, knowing Regina herd clearly. "Hey! I can hear you!"

"Oh goodness can you!?" Emma gasped sarcastically.

"I can." Regina growled. Emma smirked and stood up, running around the room as Regina began to chase her. "Regina no!" She laughed. Her first real laugh since finding out about Scott.

Regina finally caught her and began tickling her everywhere. "Regina stop!" Emma squealed.

"Get her mommy!" Henry laughed and covered his mouth.

"Not cool, kid! Not cool!" Emma said through laughter. She quickly spun in Regina's arms and held Regina's arms away from her. "HA! Got...you.." The words died in her throat when she realized how close her and Regina really were. Noses almost touching. Ever since they kissed...they'd tried to insure that it didn't happen again...blaming it on sadness, blaming it on a fluke, blaming it on the fact that it was just bad timing...could they really do that forever?

Regina gulped and slowly pulled away, noticing Henry watching them still.

"No more tickles then!?" He pouted. He didn't really understand exactly what was happening just then, he thought they were just taking a break from the game.

"No more little bug..." Regina smiled walking over to Henry and kissing his head gently.
Later that night after Henry had fallen asleep Regina and Emma sat in chairs beside his bed, smiling at the sleeping child. He looked peaceful. They still hadn't gotten the blue off of his mouth but it was quite adorable honestly...he didn't even recognize it. They were waiting until he did.

Emma looked over at Regina and bit the inside of her cheek, whatever...it was time to actually talk.

"Regina, how long can we fight this?"

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're referring to.." She knew exactly what Emma meant.

"That's Bull. You know what I mean...we almost kissed today Regina...or..at least the tension was there."

"Yes, it's just timing I-"

"No. It's not. We like each other...at least just own up to that...unless you really don't like me at all..."

"Emma...I don't know what to say right now."

"Well...it's simple. Yes or no question. Do you like me?"

"Urm...it's not that simple."

"But it really is..."

"Fine. Yes Emma Swan...I do like you." Regina didn't even look at Emma as she said it, she was afraid to fall in love with anyone again, to afraid to get hurt.

"I like you too..." Emma smiled. "Now that that's-"

"No. Wait..." Regina whispered. "Emma, I've been pushing away because...in all honesty I'm scared. Scared to like you. Scared it will become more than that. Scared of how much I need you. When you're here I feel so happy, when you're not I feel lost. I'm scared to get hurt again. I'm scared it won't work out. I'm just...I'm so scared of everything.."

Emma listened and bit her lip, a watery smile on her face. "You really think I could ever hurt you?"

"No but-"

"But nothing...Regina I want this, what's life if you never get scared."

"I suppose...you're right." Regina croaked.

"I'm here for you...and I'll continue to be in anyway you might need."

"Well then...Emma Swan...I need for you to be my girlfriend. Would you?" She bit her lip and blushed.

"Well if you need me to be." Emma shrugged and laughed as Regina hit her in the arm, "yes of course!" Emma smiled and leaned in kissing Regina gently, their first kiss as a new couple. It felt good. It felt right.

Regina couldn't wipe the smile off her face. "Good...now I need you to go get me some coffee." She smirked.

Emma laughed and rolled her eyes. "Right...okay coming right up."

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