Best Chance.

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Suddenly the doctor came bursting through the door.

"Regina! I have news..." He said with shock written all over his face.

"Regina...step into the hall with me? " Dr. Whale asks holding Henry's chart against his chest. "Yes...?" She asked preparing herself for another disappointment. She looked over at Emma and nods, a silent, I'll be back in one moment. Regina walks outside of Henry's room and looks up at Dr. Whale. "What is it..?" She asked with clear anxiety written all over her face.

"I think I found a treatment that might work for Henry..." He whispered and Regina gasped, her heart speeding out of her chest. She felt her hands growing clammy as a watery smile formed on her face, "w-what..." She stuttered, "this better not be a joke or I will personally dig your grave." She growled, taking a warning step closer to him.

"No joke at all!" He shook his head, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Okay...explain this treatment. The reason I stopped treatment on him before was because he was hurting and it wasn't helping him...if you can promise neither of those things will happen than I want to try the treatment."

"Well...I can't promise it will work for one hundred percent but I have high hopes and am very confident." Regina nodded, her arms crossing across her chest as she tilts her chin up, signaling that she's listening and for him to tell her more.

" requires a few surgeries.."

"Talk, Whale! I need to know more about this to make my decision." Whale nods and continues on, trying to be as elaborate and as detailed as he can, "so...I inject chemo directly to the source..directly in the masses in which the cancer is taking place." Regina nods and bits her lips, "risks?" She whispered in a uncertain tone. "Well...if it goes bad it could just...not work could spread because theirs always that chance with chemo could affect his organs..." He saw the distain in Regina's face and she began to shake her head, no.

"But!" He holds his hands up, pleading her to let him finish speaking. "If it does work...the masses will shrink down and he will be cancer free.." A small smile breaks on Regina's face and she sighs, "he's stage four realize he has tumors in his brain!?" Whale nodded and bit his lip, "well aware..which is why we will do a trial surgery meaning, we will do it in his lung on the small masses growing there...we will have to wait for him to wake up and allow the medicine time to work..if he wakes and the masses are shrinking then we know the drug has worked for Henry..."

Regina bit into the inside of her cheek and a tear ran down her face, "you think about it! Talk about it with Emma, with Henry and then come back to me tomorrow with your choice?" Regina nods slowly and he pats her shoulder, walking off into another patients room.

Regina walks into the room and bites her entire bottom lip, holding it between her teeth and letting out a long sigh. She ran her fingers through her hair and tugged on it just a little as her hands reached the ends, catching some knots and pulling them apart.

"Babe?" Emma whispers and stands up, walking over to her. "Everything okay?" Was her second question to which Regina just stands there and shrugs calmly, "what did the doctor have to say?" There it was. The inevitable question she knew was coming...she knew she needed to talk to Emma about it before she could possibly talk to Henry and ask for his opinion. Henry looked over at them with a confused gaze, his eyes were extremely tired and he would close them every few seconds, opening them again and forcing himself to stay away.

"Emma..may I speak to you in the hall?"

"Yes of course."

They step out into the hall and Regina let's out a shaky breath, "I don't know what to do..." Her voice wavers and it makes Emma's heart drop into her stomach. "You're scaring me..what did Dr. Whale say?" Emma asked gently gripping Regina's arms in her hands and squeezing softly, running her hands down Regina's arms until their hands met and linked together.

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