Maybe This Time

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AU- Hello SwanQueen fans. I am sorry I've been gone for so long. You may want to re read the last chapter so that understanding the one will be easier! If you're already caught up and know what's happened, well awesome!! Enjoy...

The last few days had been seriously tough...taking one step forward and then what seemed like thirty steps back. Emma felt like she couldn't win, she felt as though Regina was pushing her away more and more every passing day. Which she was. Emma would try and run a soothing bath for her, Epsom salts and candles all around...Regina would just dismiss it and tell her how she doesn't take baths anymore..she try's her hardest to not even use their shower. She had been stealing Henry's whenever she could..and with him being away back at college now, that was as much as she wanted. Henry called home a lot, mostly speaking to Regina and no one else. He had to make sure she was doing okay, she wasn't harming herself and she was being taken care of...which again and again Regina would remind their son that, that was not his job to check up on..but still it inevitably happened.


"Henry..I know you worry but I promise that is not a concern okay? This is the last time I want you to bring up my....injuries. Okay?" Reginas voice was firm but calm. She swung her legs gently back and forth as she sat on the porch swing, looking up at the night sky. "Henry." She said to get his attention when he still hadn't replied.

"Yes, I understand.." he mumbled with a soft sigh. "I can't help but worry though. I know you say it isn't my job, but I was the one there for you through all the seriously painful nights of your I still feel like I should continue to be there!" A single tear rolled down Reginas face and she took in a deep breath. "I am so sorry baby boy..." is all she could muster out without her voice breaking, and she was proud of herself that even that much came out. "No mom. No I didn't say it so you would feel bad I-" they sat there in silence for a moment, Regina collecting herself enough to speak. "I know sweetheart. I know that wasn't your intention. It never would be..but it doesn't change the fact that you're right! And I never should have allowed you to see me that way. It wasn't right and I won't forgive myself for that, I am so sorry. You should never have to worry about such things. Especially with me."

Tears fell freely from Reginas face, but they were silent..she lifted her hand and viciously wiped them away. Hating to sound so weak. "I love you." Henry answered back with a small sad sigh. He couldn't deny what she was saying, but he also didn't know what to say back as a sufficient he stuck with what he knew. He loved her. "I love you too my prince." Regina mumbled and closed her eyes as the cold wind from the night hit her tear covered cheeks, cooling them off. "So we're done with these conversations now? The ones that end up in tears." Regina giggled and Henry smiled, letting out a scoff. "Yes. I won't ask anymore. I promise. Unless you're starting to slip away again."
"Deal." Regina nodded and slowly got off the swing, standing to her feet. "Well baby's late. I'm going to go to sleep now. Okay?" Henry nodded as response, forgetting that Regina clearly couldn't see him behind the phone. "Yeah!" He hummed, tapping his fingers against his desk..he honestly didn't want to hang up. He didn't want to have to wonder how she was doing for the rest of the night.. "Sounds good. Talk tomorrow?" Regina nodded before chiming in one last time, "call mama please? At some point tomorrow. She has clearly noticed you've barely spoken to her and I can tell it's upsetting her..." even with everything going on, Regina couldn't help the fact that even after everything she knows her wife's emotions better than Emma knows them herself..and she can read her like a book. When Emma is sad she can't help but want to pull her into her arms and tell her everything will work out...but she can't. She's not nearly ready.

"Okay mom. I will call her."
Regina smiles and hums, satisfied with his answer. "Good. Love you bug."
"Love you mom." The line ended and Regina was left with an annoying beeping sound. She hung up the line on her end and walked towards the front door, holding her phone up so she could see herself and make sure her eyes didn't look to red and puffy. Slowly she pushed the front door open and sighed peacefully as the warm air hit her.

She quickly closed the door and shook off a small shiver. "Grace?" Regina called quietly, smiling when she saw her daughters head peep out from the kitchen, followed by the sound of Emma's voice calling her back. "What are you two doing?" Regina inquired, following their voices and sitting at the bar stools at the counter. "We are making cookies!" Grace hummed and put some flour on her mamas noise. "Oh no you didn't!" Emma's beautiful laughter filled their kitchen as she chased their daughter around, flour all over her hands. Regina laughed, her first actually laugh in a few days and Emma stopped dead in her tracks..mesmerized by the beautiful sound coming from the love of her life. "Gorgeous." Emma hummed before realizing she actually said that out loud. The brightest blush ever formed on Emma's face and she shook her head softly, rubbing the back of her neck. "Get a rooooom." Grace laughed, poking her mom in the side before darting out of the kitchen and up the stairs. "Grace Swan-Mills don't get flour anywhere!" Regina called in a stern tone. "Got it!" They heard the water from the sink running soon after, Regina sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Long day?" Emma mumbled, her hand still placed on the back of her neck as she stared through long lashes at her beautiful wife.

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