Something Old, Something New.

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"Henry...Henry?" Regina whispered in her sons ear as he slept peacefully. The way he surprised them with his visit the night before was so incredible yet so unexpected..they were up with him almost all night talking. Including Grace! Emma and Regina were allowing her to take a day away from school to rest and do her homework considering in all the excitement of the evening she didn't.

Henry wasn't responding very well, only breathy sighs and small grunts here and there. "Little bug!" Regina giggled and that got Henry's attention. "Mommy?" He blinked his eyes a few times and hummed. Regina's heart beat quickened and tears filled her eyes....when he just called her that and the way he sleepy and her baby boy. No matter what he still was! It showed.

"Are you okay?" Henry frowned sitting up, and he pulled his beloved mother against his chest. She let out a small whimper and shook her head against him. " I'm not." She admitted out loud.

"What?" Henry frowned and gently cupped his mothers chin so she would look up at him. "Are you and mama okay?" His eyes filled with tears and his bottom lip wobbled sadly...just as it did when he was five years old, so sick a and just needed to cuddle up with his moms...

Regina gasped and shook her head, "mama and I are perfect. Helplessly in always." She gave him a watery smile and he seemed to calm down, nodding.

" what is it mommy?" Regina's heart tightened again and she let out a small whimper.

"You're not my baby boy anymore..." A sound sob left her lips and Henry gasped, easily grabbing her and he pulled her into his arms. "Mommy." He laid his head against hers and a tear rolled down his cheek slowly. Regina was having the hardest time coming to terms with the fact that Henry was in college. Every phone call, every time he had to say goodbye again...his graduation pictures, everything was a constant reminder of who her son is now and a constant reminder that he's not who he used to be. She is a proud mother, so proud! She just misses everything involving her sweet baby, Henry...

"Mommy, now you look at me." Henry's stern voice broke through the silence. His sobbing mother sniffles and slowly nodded, lifting her eyes to look into Henry's. "I-" he took a moment to process and figure out exactly what he wanted to tell her. "I will always be your baby boy...your handsome prince...your little bug. I will always be that! I am still Henry...I am still your son and I love you so much mommy...I don't want you to cry over this. I will never be gone for long...I always need to return back here.."

Regina was chocking back full blown sobs, "you're sure?"

Henry frowned and pursed his lips, holding back his own heavy sobs. "This...this is my family. Home is where the heart is and you guys are my home. I am so sorry you've been having such a hard time..." Regina whimpered softly and shook her head, trying to give him a smile. "Oh Henry..."

She threw her arms around her sons neck and sobbed against his shoulder, "my little bug.." Henry smiled and held on to his mother tightly. "Yes mom. Your little bug."

Regina giggled and pulled away slowly, "okay, get dressed and meet us all in the kitchen for breakfast!" She turned around, heading for the door as she wiped her eyes.

"Oh mommy?"

"Yes, my prince?" Regina flashed him a lovely smile.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Regina closed his door and headed over to Gracie's room to wake her up, making sure she looked okay first.

Regina stopped short when she heard a fit of giggles. She opened the door to see the loves of her life, on the floor under a meticulously made fort. Pillows were laid all down underneath them and blankets were hung all over the room, basically making the entire room one big fort. Regina stopped short when she almost got whacked in the face by a blanket hanging from the door to one side of the bed.

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