She dropped her hands to her hips. "You have nothing to hide, now take off your clothes and put on the clothes."

               I grabbed the mini dress from her hand and glared at her. I took off my shirt and then my jeans. I felt embarrassed to be in boxers in front of two girls but I'm gay so it wouldn't bother me as much as being in front of two guys. And Derek has never seen me like this, just in boxers.

               Nicole and Kate helped me put on the dress without messing up my hair or my make up. It was so tight, I could barely breathe, but once it went threw I felt relief. It was very stylish and oh my God what am I thinking? It's a dress!

               The end of the dress barely made it pass my knees, that's how short it was. I felt like one of those hoes in clubs but the ones who don't show that much skin. The saints of hell. Sophisticated hoes. Respectable hoes. Good hoes.

               I pulled down the dress so it could be more comfortable, I fixed the straps and fixed my fake boobs. Wow, I would never have seen myself in this situation ... Only in America ... Only in America ... I jumped on my bed and took out the long ass boots. The heels on this thing are so freaking tall. How am I going to walk on this? Isn't it hard to walk on heels for the first time?

               "Just so you know," I spoke to Kate. "I hate you."

               "I love you too cousin."

               "You have to take off your boxers and wear this." Nicole tossed me panties. Are you serious? No one is even going to look under there! "It's to hide your junk better and so you can't see the outline of your boxers."

               "I hate you too." I told her as I took the panties from her hand. They both looked away and I quickly took off my boxers and replaced it with ... panties ... My dignity is now gone. It's been flushed down the toilet. I have no respect for myself at all.

               After I fixed the ... panties ... I threw on the fishnets and then fixed my boots. The boots were easy to fit into but why did they have to be so long? They went all the way to my knees! These are the kind of boots that female rock artists wear. Leather boots with silver spikes in the back.

               What are they trying to do? Turn me into Amy Lee or something?

               I zipped up the boots and then I got up. It wasn't hard to walk actually. It was very easy! Wow people need to stop complaining. Yeah it's high, but grow some balls. Unless you're a girl, don't grow them please.

               "Hot damn." Kate bit her lip and she looked down on me. "That is so creepy." She turned to Nicole who nodded her head.

               "He looks like a real girl. He looks better than me, the hell? I'm jealous!"

               Kate smacked my shoulders. "Stop slouching. You have to act like a real girl so don't you dare start slouching your shoulders. Don't act as if you're dragging yourself to walk. Just walk like you're free. Move your body, don't be afraid to add some spice."

               I cleared my throat. I waved at them to move out of the way. I breathed in and then started walking around the room like a normal girl. Or a girl who is really into her shoes and wants to show them to the world. 

               "Good, tonight, Leo does not exist. So do not feel embarrassed, you aren't even recognizable. Give yourself a girl name." Kate told me.

                "Alice." I mumbled.

               Nicole raised a brow at me.

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