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it was a perfect love they had and then suddenly..all went wrong...
because of jhao..
it's been a big hendrance between to them.
everytime ter see her with pii...she really dont know what to do..
like her world was so down...
one day... jhao made a greedy move again..
"i want you to turn over your position to me..i want to be the leader of the gang.."
"that's bullshit jhao..you know they wont agree with that..."
"they will
...i ask them already if they want me as the leader.."
"if i give you my position
..you will set her free.."
"haha...you think im stupid?.she's mine now...ive been working so hard for this ter.."
ter has no choice..she was at the middle of jhao's palm...
she was just thinking about pii...she dont jhao to hurt her...
"pii?...you visit our house later.."
"huh?..i cant jhao..you know i have so many work to do.."
"you will visit my house..that's my decision..after your class..i will pick you up .."
pii tried to tell ter about jhao's plan..but she only saw nan...after her class...
jhao was already outside the building...waiting for her...she was not alone...she's with the new recruit members of the gang...unlike the old one..they were more wild and wicked..
pii get into the car... she was so nervous..
"give me your cellphone pii. "
"wha. why?"
"so we can enjoy more... alone.."
jhao smell like she was drunk...and also the other tom who was with them..
when they arrived at the house..there were no one else aside from them..and the house was like an old abandoned house...
"jhao?...where are we?"
pii was on her shaking voice
"in our house pii.."
jhao take one cigarette..
"you told me...your parents are here.."
"haha...didnt ter told you?..i was abandoned already...im just staying with my uncle.."
they were laughing at pii..like an evil..
pii started crying...
jhao grab her and forcely kissed her neck..
jhao didnt stop what she was doing...like she was out of control..
pii was being abused by them...while ter...has no knowledge about what happen to pii...
she was looking for her at the whole campus...but she wasnt there..
"nan!...did you saw pii?"
"yeah..i saw her lately
.she told me...she will be going to jhao's house...
"what the hell...pii was in danger ..."
"let's find her ter..ill go with you.."
they went to jhao's pad...but she wasnt there...ter's hearbeat begin to grow faster...
while driving along the old highway...they saw ter's car...and there were two smoking tom's talking and laughing... after a while...jhao went out from that old house holding pii....
pii was shaking and crying holding her uniform...
ter already knew that something happen to her..
they get into the car and drive back at the uni...
when they reached there..pii get out of the car...and jhao drive away..leaving pii..
ter imnediately get out from the car. and saw pii so devastated...
pii looked at them and suddenly lost her concious...
there...she saw a cigarette markings on pii's chest...
ter began to shout. while crying...she will never forgive jhao for doing this to pii.."
thry rush her to the nearest hospital..and found out that she was really abused...
while sitting outside pii's room..waiting for her dad and mom to come...ter couldnt stop blaming herself about what happend to pii...
"they will all pay for this.."
"ter..relax.. just fucos first on pii.."
"this is all my fault nan...it was my fault.. i brought pii into this.."
"no ter.. stop blaming yourself...i know how much you tried to save her.."
"ter?...where is pii?"
that was her mom stella..
"what happened ter?!"
her dad was holding her collar...ter couldnt say any word...she was just crying like a child..
her dad embraced her...
"dad..im sorry...i failed...i didnt able to protect her dad.."
she was saying that in a shaking voice...


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