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after what happen to pii.
ter began to be naive...
like all she was about is vengeance..
pii decide to stop going to the uni... until she was in great pain.
while ter pretending she was alright but her only purpose was to get reid of jhao and the other gang.
ter was walking at the hallway...
when jhao and her friends. showed up..
they both stop at the middle of that hallway.
ter was alone..while jhao has lot of companions with her. jhao look at her with an insulting eyes..
ter was holding her anger around her hands.
jhao started talking..
"how are you ter?...did you like my surprise?huh?"
jhao laugh like evil and her friends did the same..
"you know ter... i felt sorry for you... you're so slow've been with her for how many years...she's been your girlfriend for almost a year
you didnt even taste her? once?
...that was so can you control yourself sleeping with her without making any move?..haha..."
ter's legs were shaking while listening to every words jhao saying...
"and to be honest...pii was so tasty i already realize after having her...i really dont love was just lust actually..."
ter didnt control anymore...she punch jhao..and the other member also join the ramble...
until the school securities stop them..they brought at the guidance office.there parents were called but only ter's dad came..
after talking to the guidance councilor...her dad talk to them both...
"what happened?..could you both tell me?"
ter was just quite...
while jhao has really no care..
"what? will just zip your mouth? one wanted to explain?.."
"dad. "
"sir...actually...i hate telling you this. tet was my very friend since highschool..and you know me sir..i really dont know why she change a lot..
sir?...since pii became my girlfriend...ter always shut me down....always treat me as her sorry to tell you sir..but i think..ter was inlove with pii..and she was jealous on me.."
"dad...please dont listen to her...she was insane.."
"sir..i have a photo which she took while pii was sleeping.."
"you fucking lier!!.."
ter was about to punch her when her dad grab her back..
because of that shamefull scandal
.her dad grab her to get in to the car.. and just talk at home...jhao was laughing while looking at them...

just after she get out of the car... her dad grab her shirt and put her into the wall
ter was now crying.. it was the first time she saw her dad like that.
"you fucking tell me!!.. what does this photo mean!!"
"tell me!!!!"
"yes dad...i love inlove with her!"
"your stupid!!".her dad pushed her down...her wrist was crash into the wall..
pii and her mom went out to stop her dad.
" what happen to you!!she is your sister!!how could you do it to her?!"
pii talk ter who was crying so hard...
"what are you talking about john?what about pii and ter?"
"that idiot!!.."
"john CAlm down..ter?...what does this mean?"
"im so sorry...i didnt mean to fall for her...i really love pii.."
"what?!..please tell me this isnt true.."
"it's true mom.."
"pii? know all of this.."
" dad..and i love ter also..we love each other. "
"what the. no!!..this is a big joke!!...this isnt real!""
her dad walk out and her mom followed him...
while ter cried lying to pii's shoulder..

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