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ter skip her class..
what matter's to her was just her peers and anne..her became her hobbies since her mom died..dont care about her dad.she just wanna have fun.
riding her yellow sportscar was luxury to her..
she was famous in the uni..not because she was smart..but she was a war seeker.
she also had a gang were she become the leader when aey died in a ramble.
"here she is...the war seeker!hahah"
"what's up ter!haha..looking good with that leather jacket...haha"
"f#&*%* you man!..haha.."
"ohhhhh!...what a the way..where's your chick?"
"she's out of coverage man
"hey guyz!!ter is single to night!!!yeahh"
"what the hell man!!haha"
olga.. the flirt came closer to ter and offer a drink...
"alright!we have one candidate for ter..haha"
everyone was shouting and teasing them..
puey's parents were out of town so they could party all night long...
"wanna have a single ride baby?"
said olga try tempting ter...
she grab olga's hand to her car...
ter drive her to a near park..
"what the hell ter?..i thought were going to the hotel.."
"i have a girlfriend olga.."
"then shit for you...bring me back to the party.."
"what if i dont?"
olga walk disappointly...ter was laughing looking at her waiting for a cab...
she get her key from here pocket and entered the car..
"hey olga!!...wanna have a single ride?haha"
"olga gave a dirty finger to ter...
ter just wink at her and close the window after.she didnt go back to the party
.she felt bored and sleepy..
before she went to her room..she get a glass of water...there she saw pii...her stepsister having a glass of milk..
pii gave her a smile..but she didnt gave her attention to pii...she grab her jacket and shut her room's door.
everytime she saw pii or even her mom..she get pissed off.'s natural...they are the second family..and soon to be legal too...
she get her phone from her pocket and call anne...
"ter?...where are you ? i thought youre with nan.."
"im home now."
"you didnt attend the party?"
"i did. but it was boring.."
"your not there...what will i do then?flirt with someone else?"
"hmmm..your in a i right?"
"cause of your dad?"
"just go to sleep then.."
"gudnyt...i love you ter.."
"i love you.. bye2"
after she end the call...she tried to closed her eyes...but she couldnt sleep.
she saw her unfinished drawing..she get q pencil and waste her time finishing it...
ter was's just that she was wasting herself with those nonsense habit.
she already learn to smoke..drink and even putting those damn tattoes...she had numbers of black earing...some find it cool..while other's dont.
SHe was also of the hottest tom in the uni...she got lot's of ex's...before she found anne...and become a stick to one tom.

it was already morning when she finished her drawing..
a lazy day again since she didnt able to sleep.
she just took a bath
and ready to go again..but her dad was waiting downstair for her..
they were eating but ter has no plan to eat with them..
"one big happy family"
she said to her mind.
"hey..ter..come join us.."
"thanks dad but im full"
"eat with us ter..i cook your favorite"
that was stella
"didnt you hear what i said?"
her dad was mad again...
"by the way..i cant drive pii to her school..please drive for her"
"what?...but dad!"
"just for now ter.."
"okey!...hurry gonna be late.."
"im done.."
pii grab her bag and followed ter..
when they were in their way to pii's school..ter let her see that she's not happy about that.."
"damn it!!"
ter showing her bad side..pii sometimes look at her but just let ter..
after they reached the school.
"you know how to read..just look for your room."
"thank you ter :)"
pii smiled at her before getting out of the car.
ter started the car and run in full speed.
she have to pick up anne...but this time...maybe anne was already at the uni.
anne was waiting for her at the post..
"anne im sorry...i ddnt able to pick u up.."
"it's okey drive for me"
"let's go?"
ter hold anne's hand and they walk together.
ter has a sweet side...well...they cant see it coz they were just looking at her physical ..
a rebel and a badtom.

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