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ter tried to move on with her life without pii.
she graduated as cumlaude in a prestigious university in she manage a big law firm and also a famous museum of her own artworks...
she make everyday so busy for her...
from getting up from bed and before she went to bed again..always at her side was her laptop and phone...for business purposes...
"knock! knock!
it was anne...she also work for ter... as her personal secretary..
"getting busy again baby?.."
anne sit on her lap..
"hey..hey..anne... stop that..niko might saw us..."
"haha..gosh...are you afraid of my husband?.."
"haha...ofcourse...and it's so hard to gain this kind of face nowadays..."
anne punch her cheeks as she get up..
"'s the file you want...i already save that on the flashdrive.."
"thank you..:)"
"so...?...are you still going back to thailand?.."
"yah..i need to visit dad..he might be angry with me..after his burial..i didnt get the chance to visit him again..".
"how about seeing her again?.."
"im talking about pii...did you know that she's also in bangkok"
"im going back for dad..nothing else.."
"hmm..okey...ill go back to my table..just call me if you need something..."
ter smiled and after anne went out of her office..
ter rest her back on her chair..close her eyes..and again.. she pictured out what just happen on her dad's burial..
another girl claim that she was another wife if her dad..and they also had a child...
ter was so confused..and stella..her stepmom...didnt attend the burial..including pii..
that was the start that tet draw so many questions on her mind...
like why did her dad died though she knew that he was healthy before ter went to amsterdam..and why stella and pii didnt show up in the burial..those questions will be answered if she will have a chance to see pii and stella again...
"dad??...why did you leave me in this situation..."
ter was just back when she heard her phone ring...
it was from the airlines..
after a day...she traveled all the way to bangkok..
and just after she arrived..she visited her dad...on the cemetery..their she met the private lawyer of her dad.
she invitef him to have coffee so they can talk about her dad's last will and testament..
"ter...all of your dad's wealth including the hotel..will be in your name...also the house..and his bank savings..."
"are...are you sure about this?..i mean how about his second family.."
"there was no second family ter...your dad didnt get married again.."
"what?..but i thought they got married..stella and dad.."
"before your dad arrange his last will..they already separated.."
ter couldnt believe what she means...his dad..was alone all this years....but why?..why did they canceled the wedding..what's the reason of their separation..
and about stella and pii..
she knew that they cant afford to buy a house or even their lives had been. going after they move out from the mansion...are they able to survive..and how was pii...did she finished her college...
ter was so desperate...their she realize she need to find them..she need to find pii.


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