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ter woke up when she saw the rays of the sun coming from the window.
it was already 8 A.M...
she jump from the bed when she remembered pii..
she have to drive her to school
but when she came out pii was ready to go..
pii turn around..
"why you didnt wake me up?..."
"your so drunk last night..it's ok..i can handle myself"
then continue going downstairs..
"ill pick you up later!!promise pii.."
pii just look at her but didnt say anything..
ter begin to think that pii was mad at her..since she really become bitter again.
ter didnt attend her class again..she visit her dad so her stepmom stella can go home and rest.

while at the hospital..
she tried to talk to her dad.
he was still in comma and full of machine attached to her body.
"dad?..i know you can hear me..
this will the first time im gonna say sorry to you....now that in that bed...and cant talk back to me.ive been a bad daughter to you dad..i always say those words that could hurt you..ive been so stupid..i always give you headache..
im so sorry dad...
i regret everything... just wake up dad...ill be good to you..ill do everything you want me to do..
i miss you dad.."
ter was crying while saying all those words to her unconcious dad...it might be to late..but atleast..she able to say sorry..for the first time since her mom died..
after almost 6 hours spending her time at the hospital...ter look at her watch and it's time for her to pick up pii from school..timing that her stepmom arrived..

ter was staying at her car waiting for pii..
after awhile..she get out and stand beside the gate so she wont missed to see pii.
after a minute...finally.. pii was walking with her classmates...ter call her name with a wide smile..
"why are you here?"
"i told you..im gonna pick u up.."
"i still have to drop in the bookstore...just go home ter.."
"no..ill go with you pii"
ter open the car for her...pii was still in a bad mood..
ter started the car and didnt mind about pii's behaviour..

pii tried to hide from ter.. but no matter where she go..ter could still find her..
finally ter tried to talk to her..
"pii?..what's the matter?"
"yesterday...were okey..but this morning..why you treating me this way?"
"you forget what happen last night? or maybe your just acting like nothing happened."
"wha..what happen last nighyt pii?..i was so drunk you said..."
"just try to ask your friends .i have no time for remincing.."
even after they left the bookstore...pii was not talking to ter..and even they got home..
ter tried to knock on her door..but no answer from pii..
ter sat down beside pii's door..
try to remember what exactly happen that night..
because of pii's shutting out of her...she already felt alone...
after the pain brought by anne..now it's pii who get mad at her..
as she closed her eyes..a tears came out from her eyes...
this was the same feelings when her mom died...
she felt that she was lost again...
a big house that only she was living in there all alone.
as she opened her eyes..pii was already standing infront of her..
she wipe her tears...
" who made you cry?.."
ter look up to see her face..
"get up.. you're like a child who lost a balloon while sitting in there.."
ter get up from that corner..
"you're still mad?"
"i wont get out from my room and talk to you if im still mad."
"so you're not mad?"
"a little.. but i felt more pity on you.since your girlfriend cheat on you..
"who told you?"
"i heard you talking..but dont worry..ill help you forget her. "
"really?but how..?"
"follow me.."

"okey...so?...this is it?.."
"yes.. we'll spend our time eating every food here.."
"do you think..ill forget the pain by just eating in here?"
"yeah...coz all of the food here was practically good...if you taste them..you even forget your name.."
"woooh...that was exciting..so where will we start?"
"i think at that side...let's go..:)"

while eating..ter almost believe that pii was right...she forget about her being brokenhearted..but not because of the food..but because of her stepsister...pii..
who really mean so much to her after few days of being with her.


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