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She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED]by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETED] Pie Mindara Manaying, a young maiden teacher has never thought that being single and enjoying her carefree life could lead her to a complete misery. It...
My Sweetheart Is A Gold Digger [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
My Sweetheart Is A Gold Digger [ Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETE] She is not a sly neither a play girl. In fact, she is just an ordinary poor girl who is so naive and innocent. Entangled by a fateful silly incident s...
This Time by justsingitout
This Timeby justsingitout
"I was always here, I never left. You just never gave me a chance because you were scared. I was scared too, Pie. But I want to be scared together with you, so we c...
If I Could Turn Back Time ✓ by officiallynewme
If I Could Turn Back Time ✓by Hai!
Hai, aku Aom. Pernah mendengar penyakit Alzheimer? Yang pada umumnya hanya diderita oleh para lansia. Aku menemukannya pada diriku ketika umurku 24 Tahun. Dokter yang me...
Love Conquers All by IndayBitter143
Love Conquers Allby Sugar Mae
A tale of a student who herself reincarnates. What will happen? Can she find the man that he loves from the past? Find out to this story.
A Little Drama by eerierie
A Little Dramaby eerierie
[TIAOM ONESHOT COLLECTION] Berisi kumpulan ff oneshot Tina Aom. Beberapa fanfiction terinspirasi dari lagu. WARNING! Kemungkinan berkonten dewasa. Lol
Sunset at Jaopraya by pkcuber
Sunset at Jaoprayaby pkcuber
Description "Yes, like I told you, she is like the sun. The sun that give you warm and light your way but at the same time, can burn you into crisp. No matter what...
Unexpected Denial (Tiaom Fanfic) by poisonousuppanad
Unexpected Denial (Tiaom Fanfic)by Poisonous Suppanad
Showbizzines are really cool! The spotlight , fans screaming, autograph, dramas And everything I'm amazed by how they made a script for a drama even for a REALITY SHO...
Totally Opposite by midxGod
Totally Oppositeby midxGod
Kim was a hunter , mostly kills and guards to get money as a payment. He's been like that ever since He was sold when he got kidnapped when she's still 6 years old. Been...
Crushed in Thailand by Song2461
Crushed in Thailandby Song2461
Kris Mookjai (Push Puttachi) is the business owner of Semkori hotel that his grandfather build 15 years ago. A large company, Takori wants to buy his grandfathers hotel...
Reality or Fantasy? by brainywizard23
Reality or Fantasy?by Brain Wizard
"The best thing about FANTASY is its magic to turn itself into REALITY." Kim Jittaleela: Heir of Jittaleela Co.; an 18year old happy-go-lucky kid who never tak...
How Can I Love You [REWRITING] by eerierie
How Can I Love You [REWRITING]by eerierie
To : Mr. Jittaleela I love you, just like I love my own father. But it doesn't mean that I love your son too. I have someone in mind.
a Lovely Stranger by agdys38
a Lovely Strangerby agdys38
This is story about Aom Sushar and Hongyok.
BE MY GIRL ( tiaom ) ( gxg) by zephendersam
BE MY GIRL ( tiaom ) ( gxg)by Sam_Zephender
How could you tell anybody that you just fell inlove of someone because of her unique scent.. -Kim
Blind Flower Girl by Jungmate
Blind Flower Girlby Jungmate
Seorang gadis yang membuatku tertarik dan penasaran sejak pertama kali jumpa. Beberapa kali kami bertemu secara kebetulan. Dan aku menemui fakta bahwa dia ternyata buta...
Save me (GxG) by fhgtkfsX
Save me (GxG)by X
UC muna mga bes, hindi pa sya nabuo sa isip ko hahaha!
Yes or No 3 (stay with me)(2017) by zephendersam
Yes or No 3 (stay with me)(2017)by Sam_Zephender
its the latest version of YON3 hope you enjoy reading..:) #forevertiaom
my yes or no by christian0513
my yes or noby christian0513
when you are about to give up you'll find someone who will hold your hand, make you believe that love, hope, fate still exist. but will you do if one day you wake up tha...