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ter tried to restart the car while pii was finding a signal..
wish there is...they were in a middle of no vulcanizing shops or even motel or groceries.
pii was starting to freak out...
they were in that state when a heavy rain poured...they ran back into the car...
they had silence for awhile..when ter saw pii wiping her face... she was crying..
"pii?'s okey..."
"okey? it's not ter!..this is all my fault...i put you in this situation.."
"hey...stop blaming yourself"
"how cant i?...were not safe now ter..what if their's some bad guyz who gonna kidnap us..or kill us.."
"such an exage thinking pii..were near at the city.. we can walk..but it was dark better to stay here and wait until morning.."
pii was just clicking her phone..until it was blacken already..
"damn!'s empty!".ter chuckle ehile looking at her..
"what??...this is not funny ter..."
"i know...but it's you i was laughing of..dont take it seriously pii...we'll gonna be home safe tommorow..."
ter look at the back seat...there was her bag.. she tried to look for curls or something to eat...but she just found a biscuit..and a candy mint..
"take this buscuit.. ill be good with this mint.."
" not hungry.."
"you just eat cake at the party..i know yout starving..take it. "
pii get it and open..
and ter also open the candy and put it on her mouth..
she has water left in a bottle..she gave it to pii..
"hey. get some.."
"im ok eat that.."
ter open the stereo..just to ease the fear from pii..
ter was banging her head.. and pretended that she was enjoying the sound...while pii...began to move her feet... ter smiled as she saw the smile on pii..

"will he say his in L-O-V-E... well..if it was me..then i would..i would..
will he hold you when youre feeling you should know that i would..i would. "

it was pii singing with...
she was really good in memorizing the lyrics of the songs..

"you good now?hehe"
"a little...thanks cause your with me..i might freak out if im alone.."
"you did freak out. it's just that im a good comforter.."
"no doubt..:)..and your so cute tonight.."
"well thank you..are you complimenting me?"
"i guess..heheh"
because they were stock inside the choice for them but to sleep together..
"i like what you sing at the party.."
" was so embarassing..dont take it back pii"
"haha..why?..your so charming on stage ter...if you could see..all the girls like falling inlove while watching you.."
"how about you?"
"i heard that... haha..well. if im not your stepsister..i think i will also fall for you.."ter smiled after she heard that...
pii was confused looking at her..
"why are you smiling?"
"is it bad to smile?"
"no...but your smile means something else.."
"i dont know...maybe.."
"maybe what?"
"maybe...we can sleep now..."
" sleep ill watch for you.."
" sure?"
"yeah...i want you to feel safe pii.."
again there eyes met each other...
"gudnyt ter.."
"gudnyt.. "
pii put her head to ter's shoulder and close her eyes. .
the next morning...finally they able to wlak along the city to find a vulcanizing shop...and after lunch..they got home..


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