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ter was really out of her mind.
she was again blaming stella and pii about what happened to her that without realizing that it is she who did it.
the doctor came out from the I.C.U.
"doctor?...what happened to my husband? how is he?"
"smhe had a severe heart attack..which cause him to be in a commatose right now.."
"but he will wake up soon right?"
"yes..but when?...that's what we dont know for now..excuse me"
stella took a seat.. her legs were shaking...
"this all your and your bastard daughter!..if you didnt flirt with my sure he will never like you.."
"dont ever talk to me like that!!..yes..i mighy be the second wife..but john know how much i care for him.."
"fool no one..!!'s dad's pocket you love..not him.."
stella let go of a slap to ter's face..
"you can insult me...but never involve pii...never!!..if you think...were just into your money...we'll prove you wrong..were out of your house now...but i wont leave your dad.."
ter cant utter any words...she realize what she had said was stupid..but she will never get it back..
she leave the hospital and end up spending her time with anne..
"how's your dad now?"
"his in comma"
"can you please tell me what happened? why did it cause a heart attack to your dad?"
"we had a fight..because of pii"
"and you put the blame to other's?"
"why?'s their and i were so close til they move at mansion..they ruin everything"
"you know what? your being absorbed by your anger's change a lot.."
ter just took a deep breathe and stare at her holding her hands and kiss..
"im sorry..."
"ter? please..just think about your dad...what would he feel if he's gonna wake up without your stepmom beside him?"
ter go home after seeing anne...she think about it many times..maybe anne has a point.her dad was now in a comma..and she putting it more worst.
she was about to close her eyes when she heard a noise from the other room.
she know that pii was there...
she wanted to talk to her..but her mind was controlling her.
but she remembered what anne said.. she went out of her room and knock's on pii.
...pii open the door.
the room was clean..and there was a big bag on the bed.
"just a little minute...i'll finished putting all my stuffs.."
"im not commanding you to step out of the mansion.."
"it's will happen now..we'll just doing it as early as now."
ter just look into the floor..
"do you have something to say?"
"im sorry"
pii was a little bit can a stone like ter ask apology to her..

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