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ter didnt stop helping pii to move on from that agony..
she tried everything that would make her happy..but it feels like pii wants to give up...

"pii?..i bake a cake for want to taste it?.."
pii just shook her head..
"c'mon pii..get up...let's eat that together...i know you miss doing that.."
"i said no!!!"
ter didnt like was the first time pii scold on her..
"i really dont know what to do with you pii! trying to make you feel better..but i look so stupid everytime you pushing me away..."
pii didnt look at her...
"if you stay that you think your mom will be happy huh?..for god sake pii...."
"you dont know what i feel ter. "
"ofcourse i know!!..cause that's what you let me feel right now..."
after the tension between them was pulled down...
ter again beg for her in a low voice...
"pii...i promised to your mom that i wont give up on you no matter what.. all im asking from you...please be strong...cause i cant live without you anymore. "
ter stood up and went out of the room..
pii was living with her since her mom died...
ter was trying to widen her understanding for pii...cause that's the right thing to do...
but sometimes.  she get's tired also...
knowing that the person she fight for doesnt fight for her.
she tried to drive along the city just to cool down herself..
she dont wanna be stressed out.
that's what she was doing everytime they had was almost 3 months...still no difference..
after roaming around..she go home...
the light was still off..
as she open the light...


it was pii.. with a setting on the table for two..
pii walk closer to her...and snake her arms around her waist.

"hmm...where have you been?"
"ahh...i just roam around pii. "
"hmmm..maybe you met someone else.."
"hey. im not like that. "
" just kidding.. "
pii took a pinch on her cheeks..that's what ter misses on her..
"c'mon..let's eat...hmm"
pii grab her hand and took a chair for her..
ter was looking at her suprisingly..
" just happy seeing you smile again.."
"im cant just see cause i hide it..heheh"
"silly. favorite. "
"hey..i memorize it from the cook if i had this time with you..then i can cook it perfectly. "
"your so sweet"
ter was about to kissed her when pii put her fingers on ter's lips..
" kissing..were infront of the table.."
"hmmm..another old folks superstition.."

pii was back to school since she didnt finish her was one of her promise to gave pii a better life. 

"im nervous ter...i already forgot my past lessons..."
ter hold her hand. .
"pii?...your a smart girl..and pretty need to be nervous.."
"haha. you nuts...what's the connection of being pretty?.."
"well. nothing. haha..but just be can do it... "
ter gave her a romantic kiss..
"i love you.."
" i love you too..."

while pii is finishing her course...ter left again to check theyre business at amsterdan..
at first pii dont want her to leave..but as she talk with her.  and promise that she'll never stay they're for last...pii gave her permission..they always had video and phone calls...
ter wanted to be with her even for that...


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