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while eating... pii was fun of staring at ter that made her feel uneasy..
"what are you looking at?"
"if you have been a straight girl.maybe your much beautiful than me.."
"what?...im just saying the truth.."
"yah...coz you think im gonna believe you.."
"haha...can i ask something?"
"if i havent been your stepsister
..would you like me to be your girlfriend?"
"thank you very much...that was so overwhelming.."
"haha..why did you ask that?.haha"
"okey...erase...assume that i didnt ask that.."
"haha..do i still have to answer?"
"no need.."
"hmmm...your being childish again.."
pii was just playing her fingers on her plate..
"okey...im sorry...your beautiful pii..and everyone would love you to be their girlfriend..but...i treat you as a sister..and only that.."
pii look at her ...and stood up...she step into the stairs..and went to her room..
ter was confused about pii's reaction..
she tried to knock on pii's room..
"can we talk?"
"if it isnt that important then just leave it for tommorow.."
ter stood up for a few moments infront of pii's room...thinking what about to say..
"this is important pii.."
suddenly she heard a footsteps and pii open the door
she was staring seriously to ter..
"you mean so much to me pii.."
pii didnt react... she just remain looking at ter...
"that's all pii...im sorry again "
pii close her door...and ter in a low shoulder walk to her room..
while she was on her bed...she opened her laptop..
and saw a message came from anne.
"can we talk tommorow?..i miss you ter"
ter didnt reply but she was sure..she wanted to talk to anne...to officially break up with her..
after that day..
pii wasnt still talking to her...even when she drive her at school..even a glimpse...
"pii?..i cant drive you home later..i have to settle something.."
pii just nodded and get out of the car.

ter was waiting for anne at the canteen...
she was thinking of how she would react if she saw her ex..
and just after...anne seat infront of her..
she became morw thinner...and she had a black bag under her eyes...look like she cant sleep well..
"ter....thank you for coming.."
"say whatever you wanted to say...i dont wanna waste my time.."
"ter...please give me another chance.."
"im sorry..but that would be impossible.."
"why?...do you found somebody new?"
"not yet.."
"then why not starting over again?..i know you still love me..."
"dont assume to much..and what made you think im gonna trust you again?...you hurt me once...you can make it twice or repeatedly.."
ter stood up and leave..
she think that it was the best decision she ever made in her life.


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