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while they were inside the car.silence covered both them hesitates to what ter did...
she turn on the stereo..
pii was expecting an ear disaster music.but it wasnt that music she was expecting..
and she laugh after she heard a one direction song. it was the latest "change your ticket" song from their album "four"
ter notice her smiling..
"nothing.. i wasnt expecting that you have this kind of music in your playlist.. "
"why? dont like?"
"no..i love it..actually im a 1d fan "
"really?..what's your favorite 1d song?"
" song ever.. and right now"
"wooh..that was both awesome."
"how about you?"
"ahm...i love better than words..but now..i already want fool's gold...taken...summer love and that(talking about what is playing at the stereo)"
"haha..okey...i raised my two hands for you...i cant believe you like the genre of those songs..."
.coz i look like a rocker?"
"yah...and maybe more than that.."
"if i remove my tattoo and my earings... maybe i would fit on it already.."
"yeah... im sure..haha"
as they arrived at the hospital...
ter felt uneasy... her hands was so cold... and her legs were shaking...
she was nervous seeing her stepmom..
"ter?..are you alright?"
" alright.."
"hey... dont be wont eat you.."
ter smiled but her fear was still there..
but all had change when pii hold her hand...
"let's go...:)"
ter nodded and while walking she was looking at her hand with was so weird cause her hand sweat..

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