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ter was playing her xbox when her dad knocked.
"ter?...can i come in?"
ter didnt pay attention..still her dad open the door and sit beside her.
"stella and pii will be coming today..would you come with me to the airport?"
"for what dad?...for a welcome message?"
"ter..please..give them a chance...stella loves me.."
"okey..ill just pick them alone...but please..fixed yourself...just be nice..even once"
ter didnt look at her dad...but she heard big change will come.the new family will arrived and will be living with them...
she took her mom's photo and put it next to her heart.
"mom?...what should i do..?..i hate them..i dont want them here..this is our house..."
she lay down to her bed..close her eyes..and a tears began to fall.
she didnt knew she already fall asleep.
another knock she heard from the door.
it's her dad...she took her was 2 hours ago when her dad pick up stella and pii from the airport..
"ter???....come down now.."
"ok! coming.."
she didnt even look at the mirror..from her bed..she step out of her room and go downstair..
she stand beside the stairs and look at the visitors..her dad didnt saw her coming... she scratch her head and yawn infront of them...
her dad went out from the kitchen with a food and almost drop it after seeing ter like that..she put it on the table...and grab ter...
"what are you doing?"
"you're really insulting me?go to your room!!"
with a smile..
that was ter..a stubburn rebel kid.
she was happy seeing her dad being pissed off.before she enter her room..she looked at pii with her eyebrows up.
after she locked the door...she laugh so loud..
dialed her phone..she wanted to tell it to all her friend..on how he ruined her dad's special day..
"haha..guess what man?..a point for me..haha"
"what happen man?"
it was nan...talking at the other line
"haha. if you just saw dad's face..haha..god he will be dead on front of her new wife.."
" about your stepsister..?"
"will i didnt do anything to her yet..but gonna make her life miserable as hell..haha"
"you rock the later? puey's condo.."
"what time?"
"after class.."
"then ill be there before class"
"you gonna skip it again?"
"why not? thrill in that class old teacher...and ugly classmate..hehe"
"...your so rude man..okey...then see yah later...gonna sleep first.."
"okey man..bye2"
ter throw her phone and on her xbox..that's how she live her life...
happy go lucky...

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