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after having a dinner.
they went home...
pii was so full,she keeps on burping inside the car... ter just make fun of her.
"thank you for the treat... im gonna sleep now ter... :)"
"how about you?"
"ill just play games for a while..im not sleepy yet.."
"okey..then gudnyt.."
ter just smiled at her... pii going upstairs now..and ter following her.
while ter was at her room...she was so uneasy...like she wanted to do something..
she went to the kitchen and made a chocolate coffee for her..and extra one for pii..
she was about to knock when pii open the door.
"yeah..i cant sleep...i made one also for you.."
"ohh...how sweet..hehe"
she pinch ter's face..
"you wanna come inside?"
"if you wanted to.."
ter sat down at pii's bed..it was very organize..from her books..to her shoes..unlike ter's room.. like a place of war.. haha
"you love reading pocketbooks.."
"yeah...it's just a recreation..whenever im bored..you?.."
"what's your hobbies?"
"obviously playing games.."
"with girls?"
"haha...nasty...with computer games..i love drawing also.."
"ooh..a secret talented person..."
"not so..hehe..."
"hmm..how about that tattoo in your left arm?...what does it mean?"
"this?...just a simple arrow..no other meaning.."
"ahh...kinda cute..like liam payne's tattoo..hehe"
"really. hehe..thanks.."
"can i sleep now?"
"ah..okey...see you tommorow.."
"im gonna drive you school.."
"haha..wow..you already stand as my older sister now.."
"maybe..:)..gudnyt pii"
"gudnyt.. "
it was a smooth day for ter
.beinhmg with pii..her stepsister..
the next morning... again..ter was one who wait's for pii..
"hmm?...you arent attending class today?"
"i am"
"then why wearing civillian..is it allowed in the uni ter?"
"allowed or not...they have nothing to do with me.."
"stubburn kid..let's go.."
she drive pii to school and after droping her... ter drove herself to her uni..

ter texted her girlfriend to let her know that she was already at the school.
but anne didnt reply..
while nan..who was standing just at her back tap her..
"hey nan"
"glad your back man.. "
"yeah..ive been texting anne..do you know where is she?"
"ahh...yah...follow me.."
nan took her at the back of the new building... ter couldnt believe what she was looking at...it's anne... and marcus...they were kissing... nan move backward and couldnt swallow...
ter was lost of her mind... she ran after them and punch marcus..
anne was shocked she dont know what to do..
nan holding ter on her waist
...ter was crying while trying to let go from nan..anne cant look at ter... while marcus still in the ground holding his nose...it was bleeding because of the force coming from ter..
"let's go ter..let's go.."
nan trying to calm down her friend..
ter was still in tears... she turned her back without any words...and walk fast...walk far from them...
and as they reached the gate...
ter let go of everything.. she cried with her shoulder's shaking..
nan couldnt pleased her...it was so painful..being cheated by the person you trusted the most...
they didnt notice that anne followed them...
"ter?..please let me explain.."
"i saw everything anne.."
"im so stupid i did it to you.."
"no..youre not.. im the stupid one
.coz i believe you..i trusted you.."
"im sorry ter.."
"i hope it can heal my heart that easy anne..."
ter step away from where they were standing
..anne cant force ter to forgive her..but it was impossible this time..

ter go home so drunk..
she was walking in zigzag..
pii was about to scold at her but..
"are you drunk?"
"a little pii...im sorry..i didnt pick you up..ill just make it up to you okey.."
ter was about to go upstair..
when she out of her balance ..
good that pii able to catch her..
she help ter to her room and wipe her with a warm cloth..
she was in a deep sleep..and pii has no choice but to change ter's clothes by herself... well anyway...ter was a tom but still a body like a girl.
the next day... ter get up late with a hang over... she suffered from a headache.. pii just leave a note at her door.
"if you read this..im already in school...i cook a soup for you...be sure you'll gonna eat that... and..by the way..i like you slimmed body..XD. -pii"
"what?...she take off my clothes?...heck.."
ter didnt attend school but invited her gang mates to the mansion...they were drinking when pii arrived..
they were already drunk...specially nan..so didnt able look out for her words..
"hey!so this is your stepsister?haha..."
pii doesnt like how nan approached her...ter was just soaking the beer bottle like she dont care about anyone..
pii just let that and walk continously..
"your stepsister is a snobbish..."
"hey just let her nan..keep drinking.."
"she's beautiful ter..you havent plan to get into her?"
"jerk..she's my sister.."
"only by your parents...but not im blood man...you can still date her.."
"shut up man..haha..that's so stupid.."
they were talking it in a loud voice without thinking that pii might hear them.

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