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pii woke up because of a disgusting smell coming from the kitchen..as she open her eyes...
there was ter...sitting while looking at her...with that tempting smile..
"good morning soon to be sister.."
pii just laugh and again cover her face with a pillow..
"hey..time to get up now.."
"it's sunday.just let me sleep for awhile.."
"naahhh..get up..we will visit dad.. right?"
"it's to early.."
"okey. just sleep there..im gonna eat the food i prepared for you.."
pii remove the pillow from her face..
"you prepared a food for me?"
"yahh...but im gonna eat it now.."
pii jump out from the bed and ran to the table to see what did ter prepared for her..
"ahh...what's this?black hotdog?"
"naaah...it's red.. "
"and this?...black pancake?"
"hmp!..it's just overcook.."
"hey..dont laugh..i had a hard time preparing it for you
"im not laughing about the food..it's you.."
"let me guess..your favorite color idms black..hahah"
"you!..haha..im gonna make you pay for this.."
they ran around the mansion..pii almost catching her breathe because of laughing while running..
and just as ter caught her.. pii was still laughing at her... but ter was seriously looking at her..
"are you mad?haha"ter didnt answer but she was moving her face closer to pii..
now pii was turning her face into being serious...
when pii's phone ring..
they both go back to there senses... ter bit her lower lip..
"ahh..ter..it was mom..we need to go now.."
"ill.. i'll take a bath first...you too.."
"okey..."ter was out of words..
she dont know what she was about to say...
ter was done fixing her self after an hour..pii was still at her room..
ter walk upstairs to knock but pii open the door...finally she's done..
and now...ter almost drop her jaw after seeing her stepsister in her simple but cool attire..
"let's go?"
ter just nodded.. she was following pii..and she cant help to stare at her..
she was really pretty with her dress.

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