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ter was on her way home when nan texted her that they will met...
"nan...i already found her.."
"what? mean pii?"
ter nodded while playing the bottle of beer..
"so?..what happened?...did you guyz talk?"
"it wasnt a talk...she hugged me then suddenly went away..i cant explain but i know..she has something to say to me.."
"ter?...the time you saw her. what did you feel?.."
"i miss her.."
"i still want her. "
"so if im not want her again?"
"i always wanted her nan..always.."
nan tap her shoulder.
"i really admire you ter..."
it might be so hard to bring back all that was lost..but ter was sure...she still want pii..
after that day..she visit stella again
pii was not there..
"how are you?"
" fine did you arrived?"
"just a matter of days.."
"thank you "
"you need help...i saw that..."
" stay the ter...still kind..and doubt pii loves you that much.."
"hmm..where is she by the way"
"she's at work..."
"is she okey?"
"pii is a strong girl ter...she conquer for us so live.."
"did...did she finish her college.."
"no...she was in her last year when me and your dad separated"
"i wanna know the reason why you cancelled the marriage.."
"your dad is a very kind man...he was sick that time...and undergoing his surgery when he said he want to set me free...he dont to tie me up and just leave me later...very unselfish love...just after we talk...he passed away...
and their came the girl who claimed to be another wife of your dad...when pii found out...she get mad at your dad...we move out from the mansion...and leave all the things..benifits of your dad..we even showed up at the burial because of that hatred.."
"i was at the burial...i didnt know what happen..i also get mad at you...cause o truly use dad but now leaving him afterall"
"i didnt leave your dad. pii know's that"
after that talk..they were both emotional when pii arrived..
ter stood up from sitting beside stella
"pii...i just want to check her. "
"for what?..were not of your life right?so no use of coming here"
"ter...please...dont ever go back here.."
"you cant tell me what should i do..i care about your mom...if you dont want to see me...then ill visit her if your not around..."
pii looked at her with an angry face..
"i will help your matter what you's your mom who needs me..."
ter went out of the room...


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