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maybe nan was right... it would cause a big trouble if they pursue that kind of love.
but how can she resist on the girl who always makes her happy... makes her alive again..
and change her to a better person.
"what happen to your hand ter?"
"dont mind this pii..."
"why not?..it's bleeding...let me clean that..."
they were inside ter's room...
she was looking at pii while she take good care of her hand.
she was so sweet ...and never in her ex's had been caring as pii.
"there you go... hmm..now..would you mind telling me the truth?"
"i punch the restroom wall..."
pii was just looking at her
.still waiting for more explaination..
"jhao ask me if she could court you..i felt pissed off... so instead of her..i turn all my anger to that concrete"
"do you think i will let her court me?"
ter look away..
"can you trust me for this?.. "
ter nodded...
"okey...take a rest..cause i need to... i want you there on my graduation tommorow...dont go anywhere... "
pii kissed her cheeks..
"gudnyt ter... "
shr smiled but still holding pii's hand..
"see you tommorow..."
she let go of pii's hand...
she cant sleep that night...she was confused about her realtionship with pii...is there really a special connection between them?
she tried to text pii.
t;i cant sleep
p;me too..
t;i want to see you
p;but i just left a few moment ago..
after that reply..pii enter again the room and lay down beside ter..
she put her head on ter's chest..
and ter touching her beautiful hair...
they were so close when they finally fell asleep..the next morning.. ter woke up without pii at her side...but a small note above the small table..
"sorry..i have to go back to my room... i sleep so well last night.."
ter get up from her bed...
it was past 10..nobody was home except their cook..
ter remember that it was pii's graduation..
she freshin up herself and hurriedly went to the school.
hoping she wasnt that late..
but the ceremony was almost done when she arrived..
she sat down at pii's back... and tap her..
pii draw a wide smile on her face when she saw ter..
"it's okey..:)"
stella was shock seeing ter... she's not expecting her to be there..
after the graduation... they had a simple dinner at home..
"next month will be your birthday pii...can we just have a party here... double celebration since you also graduated.."
"it's up to you dad.."
"ter?..i want you to help stella organize the party..."
"sure dad.."
ter was sitting beside pii..and no one could notice.. they were holding hands while eating..
it might be so wrong..but ter was ready to take all the risk just for pii..
even her dad's punishments..

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