HerShe by schindlee
HerSheby schindlee
What would happen if a good-looking tomboy had swept off a homophobic's feet?
  • gxg
  • aomsushar
  • girlxgirl
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How Can I Love You by Tiaom_chu
How Can I Love Youby Jeon Jaeii
To : Mr. Jittaleela I love you, just like I love my own father. But it doesn't mean that I love your son too. I have someone in mind.
  • sad
  • aomsushar
  • sorrow
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She's The Bridegroom (Lesbian Story) by NSTSiYA
She's The Bridegroom (Lesbian Stor...by Nastasiya
[TIAOM ONGOING] Pie Mindara Manaying, a young maiden teacher has never thought that being single and enjoying her carefree life could lead her to a complete misery. It a...
  • lesbian
  • tiaom
  • aomsushar
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Don't Doubt My Love (Lesbian Story) by NSTSiYA
Don't Doubt My Love (Lesbian Story)by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETE] Once upon a time, there was a blind girl who happened to fall in love with a person who she thought to be her soul mate forever. Four years of relations...
  • lesbian
  • romance
  • asian
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Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie) by shadow_sniper
Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie)by shadow_sniper
If you haven't watched Yes or No 1 and 2, I advise you to watch it first, before reading this fan fiction. Also, I admit that the first few chapters are so boring it'll...
  • tiaom
  • aom
  • tinajittaleela
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Yin Yang ☯ by schindlee
Yin Yang ☯by schindlee
What would happen if one of the school's most promising students fell in love with a notorious delinquent?
  • girlxgirl
  • tinaom
  • tiaom
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Twist Of Fate (KimPie) by finderzke3pers
Twist Of Fate (KimPie)by finderzke3pers
[DRAFT ONLY] (gxg) Pie asked Kim to pretend as her girlfriend to chase away annoying men into her life and suddenly fall in love with Kim whose only pretending as a to...
  • comedy
  • lgbt
  • tinaom
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I fell in love with My Best friend (KimPie) by Kasumi020
I fell in love with My Best friend...by Kasumi020
"I'm afraid that I'm falling in love with my best friend. I'm not afraid because we are of the same gender. I'm afraid because if it does turn out to be love, I wou...
  • tiaomforever
  • tinaom
  • yesorno
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Invader (gxg) by HeartInvader7
Invader (gxg)by HeartInvader7
A romantic comedy story of a girl who desperately wants her dream job but her Invader wants her heart. Which one is she willing to give up? Her dream for her heart or he...
  • girlxgirl
  • fluff
  • humor
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A Cut-Out Romance by midxGod
A Cut-Out Romanceby midxGod
Who would you choose, the first love , the best-friend or the one who helps you in time of crisis? But then again who would you choose, a man who'll do anything for you...
  • gxglesbianlgbt
  • singer
  • tiaom
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If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl) by Flipqy19
If Tomorrow Never Comes-(GirlXgirl)by Cuddles18
Her Name is Pie, Pie Suchar. I feel strange by saying her name. She has something special that no one else can touch. Honestly, even though she acts like being a savage...
  • tragedy
  • bisexual
  • sadstory
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Meant to Be 2 (Forever - GirlxGirl) by HonieB22
Meant to Be 2 (Forever - GirlxGirl)by Pabaruthy22
This is a sequel to my story, Meant to Be (Yes or No). It is about Aom Sushar and Tina Suppanad 's life in America, as spouses. This story will focus on family, trust...
  • kimpie
  • romance
  • lesbianlove
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Unexpected love: TiAom by Ohohnoelle
Unexpected love: TiAomby Ohohnoelle
"It's not about first love, It's about True love" - Unexpected Love. A Heartbreaking, Funny, Love Story of A Tom Who Had a Broken Heart from her past & A girl...
  • tiaom
  • yesorno
  • lesbian
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10 Wishes by MiyukiNadsWatty
10 Wishesby Meykaeyla
What if may magsabi sayo na kaya niyang i-grant ang 10WISHES mo? Maniniwala ka ba? Well, Lets find out kung anong gagawin ni Ron :))
  • tiaom
Love is LOVE (Tiaom) by BriMay08
Love is LOVE (Tiaom)by Em em
Gxg po ito kaya kung Hindi kayo Open sa third sex Wag niyo nalang po itong basahin. BABALA: May pagka Spg to Kaya mga inosenteng readers Binalaan ko na kayo. TIAOM Fore...
  • loveislove
  • lesbian
  • 2018
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Sunset at Jaopraya by pkcuber
Sunset at Jaoprayaby pkcuber
Description "Yes, like I told you, she is like the sun. The sun that give you warm and light your way but at the same time, can burn you into crisp. No matter what...
  • girlxgirl
  • tinajittaleela
  • tiaom
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Lets Rewrite The Stars by arkiako05
Lets Rewrite The Starsby arkiako05
Let's Rewrite the Stars is a fanfic-made novel life story of a very successful Thai actress, Aom Sushar, gets to live her lifelong dream in rich and famed world. She has...
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
  • kimpie
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Heart without a beat (Tiaom FanFic) by SUPERMAINE07
Heart without a beat (Tiaom FanFic)by Reinhardt Moon
It hurts to LET GO.. But sometimes it hurts more to hold on.
  • school
  • university
  • girlxgirl
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Love Is You by deliciouspieaom
Love Is Youby deliciouspieaom
Love, friendship, betray.. I don't know how and when this story will end up. I just write following my heart and the surrounding. Hope it will end well and soonnnnnnnn...
  • yesorno
  • aomsucharat
  • tiaom
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the blue rose by JidwiSushar49
the blue roseby JiDwi
This is the story of how I fell and went to heaven 😊.. This is the story of how my world turn upside down by a moody beautiful girl.. Kimhan!!!!!! That's my Aom my one...
  • tinaaom
  • beautyandthebeast
  • tinasuppanad
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