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Don't Doubt My Love [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
Don't Doubt My Love [COMPLETED]by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETE] Once upon a time, there was a blind girl who happened to fall in love with a person who she thought to be her soul mate forever. Four years of relations...
The Best Man by CookieO1213
The Best Manby CookieO1213
This story is a Fanfiction of Kim and Pie from the thai movie "Yes or No". The movie was introduced to me by my cousin who is a member of the LGBT community. I...
Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie) by Shadow_Sniper07
Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie)by Shadow_Sniper07
If you haven't watched Yes or No 1 and 2, I advise you to watch it first, before reading this fan fiction. Also, I admit that the first few chapters are so boring it'll...
HERSHE - TIAOM by schindlee
HERSHE - TIAOMby schindlee
What would happen if a good-looking tomboy had swept off a homophobic's feet?
Take it or leave it by MarySy5
Take it or leave itby Eureka08
This story tell us the true meaning of love no matter who you are and what you are it doesn't matter. What does matter is you being in-love and being love... This is f...
Nếu không phải là em by NhyMiChaeng
Nếu không phải là emby NanHongyok VN
Fic cùng tác giả Hải Dương Mike - Chính chủ
Sunset at Jaopraya by pkcuber
Sunset at Jaoprayaby pkcuber
Description "Yes, like I told you, she is like the sun. The sun that give you warm and light your way but at the same time, can burn you into crisp. No matter what...
If One Day You're Brave Enough (YON FANFIC) by masterJ2587
If One Day You're Brave Enough (YO...by masterJ2587
Since YON 1&2, i fell in-love with KIM&PIE. I don't know but this movies are so good. I keep on rewatching it whenever there is a time. So i decided to write a story tha...
this is my first fan fic pls njoy and vote for my story sorry for any grammar mistake
Come back to me by NhyMiChaeng
Come back to meby NanHongyok VN
Truyện của Hải Dương - Ver chính chủ :)
Where My Love Bloom by RevoSpark77
Where My Love Bloomby Dr Revo Spark
She was my first love and will always be my first and last. No matter how hard you try those feelings, those memories can't be replaced or forgotten. I always cherish th...
The One That Got Away(tiaom) by leemorilla
The One That Got Away(tiaom)by leemorilla
this is based on true story,but ill change some of the names thou,it will be my firstime to write here,so pls be patient..tnx.enjoy Cast Tina as Lee Aom as Nehc
a Lovely Stranger by agdys38
a Lovely Strangerby agdys38
This is story about Aom Sushar and Hongyok.
She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED]by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETED] Pie Mindara Manaying, a young maiden teacher has never thought that being single and enjoying her carefree life could lead her to a complete misery. It...
You're Mine by midxGod
You're Mineby midxGod
Fate tried to break us apart but fate also connects us when the time is right. Because in the end. You're Mine !
HAND-HOLDER by bhavani236
HAND-HOLDERby stone heart 236
It's a little cute love story like a rainy shower in hot summer ...in a mood off situation love became a flashlight to entertain as well so my pen flowing with a feel ca...
Forgotten by jasetamac
Forgottenby JSeth Bluu
Complicated life Unknown Identity Who will be remembered? Who will be forgotten? How will you forget the one you loved the most? How will you remember the memory you hav...