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pii has lot's of vacant subjects so she just let ter wait for her so she can with her at the uni..
from the gate.. a lot of boys were looking at pii...she was so lovely with her attire..even ter cant skip looking at her...
that was jhao...another tom member of the gang..
"ive been looking for you.. "
"did nan forget to tell you...i drop all my subjects... ill just go for the summer classes.."
"wooh...she didnt inform me.."
she was talking to ter..but her eyes was on pii
"who is she...?"
reffering to pii
"ahh...my....my stepsister... "
"yes!...i thought she's your girlfriend...i think im lucky today... by the way... im jhao.."
offer a handshake to pii...
she took jhao's hand... with that sweet smile..
ter's eyes gone wide after seeing that smile between the two..
"ahemnmn!!..CAn i ruin your lovestory for awhile...pii we have to go..the registrar might close early"
"okey...nice to meet you again phao.."
ter grab her hand and walk..after they gone at the registrar... they were about to enter the car when phao again run into pii..
"yes? :)"
"can i ask for your number?.."
pii took her phone and dialed it to jhao's phone...
ter get into the car and bang the door.
pii notice it and hurriedly enter the car..
she was looking at ter who was little pissed of .
she started the car without looking at pii..
thEy were far from the uni when pii cant take it and begin to talk..
"what's wrong ter?"
ter just shook her head ..
"you cant hide it...i know there is...it's jhao right?.."
"what about jhao?"
"youre mad because she ask for my number.."
"haha...you serious?...you think im jealous?...assuming.."
pii didnt answered but she drop a tears from her eyes...
ter saw it but pretended like she dont care
they remain in silence until they arrived..
after ter enter the car on the garage... pii run to her room directly...
ter wanted to knock...but her hands cant moved..
she lock herself on her room and let go of the pain and guilt she felt inside. she made a stupidest thing in the world..hurting the girl she love...
why did she said it to pii?...
she tried to destruct herself by playing xbox... but still her mind was at the next room...
she throw the cursor...and put her head above her knee..didnt notice that she was now crying..
she dont know what to do... she stood up and walk to pii's room..she took a deep breathe and now. she finally able to knock..
pii open the door but she was about to close it again after seeing ter..
but ter forcely enter the room..
pii was not looking at her.. but she could say.she was still crying...
ter cant control herself... she hug her in her back...
"im sorry pii..."
"for what?"
"for loving you..."
pii take off ter's hand from her waist..
"what did you say?"
"im inlove with you pii."
pii was a little shock but has no reaction at all..
"and yes...im mad at jhao...and jealous too.."
pii step closer to her.. and touch her face...
"i knew it... and feel the same way ter.."
ter look at pii in a teary eyes...
"but you know what will be the consequences if we let this feelings right?..."
ter kissed pii on her forehead and embrace her...
ter turned around heading the door when pii grab her hands...
they looked at each other...
like they were blaming the destiny who brought them to be sisters...
how can time be so rude?... how cant it be the two of them be lovers?...


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