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ter again visit stella..but this time when pii arrived she had nothing to do but just smile.

"ahh...i just brought this fruits to her..im gonna go now."

stella was sleeping so they had a chance to exchange conversation
ter was about to leave when pii said.

"you can stay here as long as you want ter.."
"you can wait for mom to wake up..she missed you. "
ter nodded and sit back again.
pii sat down behind her back on the long couch.
ter felt that she is being stared by pii but intend not to turn her back.
but finally..after waiting for somebody to start talking...ter had that courage.

"ahmm.pii?..you wanna have coffee?"

pii smiled and nodded.

"ill just let a nurse look out for mom.."

ter brought her in high class coffee shop.
ter keep on looking at pii eventhough it made her concious...

"how are you pii?"
"im good...how about you?..what made you comeback here in thailand.."
"i..i mean..i decided to look for you and your mom.."
"cause i know that dad wants it too.."
"im afraid..he's not...didnt you know that he cancelled the wedding?.."
"i know.."
"she hurt my mom...after everything she done to him
he'll just abandoned us.."
"he didnt abandoned you and your mom..."
"really?..how can you be sure?..you arent here.."
"do you think..i didnt look out for you..?.."
"i must be far pii..but i didnt stop checking on you...i know everything about you.."
"so you knew how difficult it is when we move out?"
"yes. you didnt finished your course...you work in a private residence as a helper..and your mom get sick and going in and out of the hospital.and specially..you hate dad cause you think he just fool your mom.."
pii look away and trying to hide her tears
ter hold her hands..
"pii...i didnt stop chasing you..loving you..i didnt give up on you.."
pii let go of her tears while looking at ter..
"if you will give me a chance..ill make everything right for us...if you still love me...i will stay with you for the rest of my life.."
pii hold her hand tighter...and gave a meaningful smile to ter...
"will you accept me again?"
"yes ter..."
tears overflow between them ter stood up and hug her....
never care about those who stare at them...
ter gave a kiss to pii...a kiss which she long for how many years...

they both came back at the hospital..
but they were shock seeing doctors and nurses running in and out of her mom's room..
pii ran to see what's happening inside..
her mom was being relieve by the doctors.
the nurses were holding her cause she wanted to ran close to her mom..
pii almost lost in the ground seeing that her mom didnt make it...
"mom!!...dont leave me!!..mom"
ter was holding her by her arms..tryingbto comfort her suffering heart...
"im so sorry...we did everything to save her..."
"no!!...this is not true...mom was alive.. "
"ter...please tell me...mom is not dead..no.."
ter embrace her so tight...
she felt the pain inside..it is so hard to accept that her mom leave without even saying goodbye...
pii was crying so hard...and there's nothing she can do.. but to assure stella that wehe wont leave pii again...that she would take good care of her.
just after the burial..
pii was still in so much pain.
she can even eat nor get up from the bed..ter was so worried about pii..while looking at her...she know that it would take so long for pii to accept that her mom passed away.and all she can do..is wait.


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