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ter was shouting from her room..
her dad go upstairs to look if what was happening to her inside..
"ter?why are you shouting?"
"hell dad!!..who touch my thing's here???!!!i already told them.. i dont want anyone entering my room!b&*#shiit!"
"stop talking like that ter!!"
"im sorry ter..i just tried to clean your room"
said her stepmom stella with a low voice
"did i told you to clean my room??!!such stupid!!"
a slap into her face landed that was her dad..
"you have no respect your dad..and the one your insulting was your second mom!!!"
"john...just calm down..."
"no ...she's gone to much of my patience..."
ter was still standing straight infront of her a tiger willing to kill a lion..
"that's what you get on that gang!!!"
"that gang..had become my family since mom died...they let me feel that i was not alone...unlike you were her..but your busy with your new family...your happy with already forget your own.."
"that's not true ter...!!..ive been working so hard for you!!"
"for me??or for them?"
her dad was shaking again..
"go dad..hurt me again...that's your role as my father right?to hurt and insult me. to let me know that i was dumb...that i was nothing!!"
pii was now watching them..
"there she is...your favorite daughter..your illegitimate wanna compare me again to her dad...??"
"enough??you want me to stop?then let them out of our house!!!"
ter locked her door..her dad was so mad at her..he almost detroy the door.. ter heard stella trying to stop her dad from punching the door.
ter lay down on her bed and put on her headphone...
whatever happening outside..doesnt matter to her anymore.
she just wanna escape from that scenario.

the next morning..she was about to leave..she was looking for her car key..
"where's my fucking key..!!i just out it in here. "
"looking for this?"
"give me my key dad"
"as i know..that was my car..and this is my key.."
"seriously dad?you will keep my car?"
"why not???a kid like you..doesnt deserve anything from me"
"and wait..i freeze all your accounts..including your credit cards"
"no way dad!! you cant do this to me!!"
"now you'll gonna learn to respect..! as long as you stay that more luxury for you ter"
"damn it!!dad?!!..."
"gonna go now.."
it was the real hell for ter.losing all her money..her sucks!!!
she locked her self at her room...and throw all the things she could grab..
this is not the life she was dreaming of..
it took whole day before her dad arrived home..
when she heard him..ter run out of her room to talk to her dad..
"dad?..are you going to give back my car and credit cards?"
"dad.please. i wasnt able to attend my class "
"you're not attending it ter even when you still have your car..."
"but dad.."
"if you really want to get your car..then say sorry to your mom and to pii"
"no way!"
"then this talk is useless"
"okey...ill do it. "
ter went to her stepmon and said sorry...and also for pii..but her dad was not convince..
"dad?..i already did. and they forgiven"
"i still have one task for you. from now'll gonna drive for pii..."
"that's to much'll going to make me her personal driver?"
"she is soon to be your sister. do it for her..and for me"
ter has no choice...if she dont..then she'll be poor.

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