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after eating to much...pii cant move her body..
she felt like she gain lot's of weight.
after getting home..
they spend their time at the roof deck
..ter was lying while pii was sitting beside her...
"do you always go up in here?"
"yeah...this is my favorite part of the mansion actually.."
"hmm ter? it okey to ask about your mom?"
"ahm..what's the cause of her death"
"i am the reason of her loss"
"your not joking right?"
"im pick me up from my school that afternoon..i was running along the way and i didnt saw a van tried to pushed me away from that van..and sadly it was her who was bumped..we rush her to the hospital..but she was died on arrival."
"im sorry ter.."
"it's okey pii...
after mom died...i blame myself even dad keep on telling me that it wasnt my fault... i waste my life... i turned to commit suicide but god was really good.he always let that save me from misery... the reason why dad was at thr hospital...if something happen to him..i wont forgive myself.."
"haist...ter?...your dad was must stop blaming yourself..that was an accident... and your mom will be sad seeing you like can still chanGE into a better person ter...i believe you are not like that.."
"it's too late pii"
"no...dont say that...everyday is a chance for us..."
ter sat down close to her...
and stare at pii..
they were in that scene when they saw a meteor..
"did you see that ter?!
let's make a wish.."
pii closed her eyes but she didnt... she was just looking at pii..
when finally pii open her eyes..
"did you wish ter?"
ter shook her head
"eeehhh...why? missed it.."
"i dont have to wish anymore..."
"coz it all came true the day i met you.."
pii laugh so loud and slap ter's face so smoothly..
"you nutz...let's go's getting late. "
ter bit her lower lip
and smiled..she saw that pii was blushing..

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