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ter get into her car with her face bleading...
"ter?..what happen?"
"jhao punch me.."
"she's fucking crazy....why did she do this to you.."
"we hurt her pii...and now this is the consequence.. "
"are you having regrets ter?"
" in my life that i would regret this..i love you pii...i will do everything..for you..."
pii hold ter's face not knowing that she's crying now...
"pii?..promise wont give up no matter what.."
"i promise ter...i will stay with you..i will be strong for you.."
ter hold pii's hand and kissed it...
pii gave her a tight embraced...
they knew that jhao wont stop until they separate...
they saw it from jhao's action..she was now desperate...
the next day.... jhao wanted to talk to ter..
they sat on a bench near the vacant room..
"what do you want jhao?"
"i dont want anything ter... i just want know that.."
ter look at her with an anger..
"but i wont get her as long as your there.."
"tell me...what do you more talks"
"okey...i want you out of her life.."
"you heard me...stay away from her.."
"that's impossible jhao..were staying ay the same can i stay away from her.."
"okey...since im not that can talk to her at home but not outside..and specially here..."
ter took a deep breathe
"if you dont want...then...let's end this up...i would just talk to your dad."
"no!..dont do that!"
"so?...youre in.. "

after there class...ter wait for pii at the parking area... but jhao tap her..
"i will sent her home...just go.."
"no...she wont go with you..i know that..."
"if she wont..then ill sent my self to your house and met your dad.."
ter get her phone and text pii that she wont able to take her home..
pii was standing at the waiting area for a cab when jhao's car stop infront of her...
"hey!!...ter said..ill take you home.."
"no...ill just take a cab... "
jhao get out of her car and put her hands to pii's shoulder..
"i will take you home..or ill send this photo to ter's dad?.."
"youre crazy jhao.."
"i am pii..."
pii get into her car...
jhao put on the seatbelt..
"from now your boyfriend already..i will take you home..pick u up..and more ter.."
"how can you do this to ter...she was your friend.."
"she's not my friend..anymore.."
ter's car was at there back..ter was crying while looking at the back of jhao's car..the glass was tented so she cant able to see what's going on inside...
after they arrived... jhao knew that ter was just at the back..she get out of the car.. and open it for pii...she kissed her before letting her in to the mansion...
ter get out of her car....jhao stare at her with that insulting looks.
and get in to her car again...
at the mansion...pii locked herself in her room... while ter sitting next to the wall..trying to listen from the next room...
she cant take her emotions anymore..she open her door and went to pii's room..
pii open the door..her eyes was wet knowing she's still crying...ter hug her so tight...
"im sorry sorry"pii cross her hands to ter's back...
"we'll get through this...i promise..."
she gave a kissed on pii's forehead... no one coulfd explain how much they miss each other... pii's phone was jhao calling..
"answer it pii...ill be at your side.."
pii connect the call..
"hello my are you?"
" fine.."
"are you with ter?"
" im not with her.."
" a jealous boyfriend..okey...gudnyt..i love you.."
it took a paused before pii said i love you back to jhao..but as she was uttering that word...her eyes was on ter.....


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