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pii didnt like how ter act so she follow her..
ter didnt turn..she just continue walking towards the elevator..
"ter!! to me.."
"what pii?'ll just push me away again.."
"im not pushing you just doing the right thing"
"so this is the right thing for you?..let your mom suffer while here i am willing to help?"
"you cant help us ter..."
"i can willing to give your shares on dad's wealth..."
"we dont need that...your dad was a cheater!!"
"he's not pii...did you try to investigate first?..before you judge knew how dad love's your mom.."
"enough just asking you a small favor...please stay away from us.."
"im sorry..but i wont.."
ter entered the elevator...and surprisingly pii followed her..
"your such a hard headed stubburn tom
"and how about you?...a girl trying to act ike she can but the truth is..."
ter kissed her...pii was shock she slap her face..
"what the hell!..your idiot!"
ter touch her red face..
"i was wrong...i thought your still the same ter i loved a few years ago..."
pii was about to went out from the elevator when ter grab and hug her...
"let go of me!!"
"i still you love you.."
"ter!! let go of me!!"
pii trying to escape from ter's arms..
"i said let go of me!!"
she ran out of that place without turning to ter...after she came back to her mom's room..she wipe her tears..
"what happened?"
"nothing mom.."
"where is ter?.."
"already went home.."
"why are you doing this to her?"
"doing what mom..."
"youre just hurting yourself...i know you still love her"
"pii?..before it was wrong..but now..."
"mom...i already moved on..and so is she..."
"no pii..ter still love you...that's why she was here...even you keep on pushing her.."
her mom hold her hand..
"i want you to be happy..before i lost in this world..i want to see that smile again.."
pii gave a sigh...her mom was right...if she let ter go might be to late..
so as ter visit again...pii make sure that they could talk..


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