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pii woke up...she was still shaking.... ter stood up from the couch and move closer to her..
she touched pii's hair...
and after awhile she felt her eyes was already wet...
pii hold her hand... her palm was still shaking...
"ter.....ter they abused me...they stole everything from me.."
"sssshhh...dont worry...ill make them pay for this pii..i wont stop "
"ter...im not worthy for you anymore...im already wasted.."
"dont say that pii...dont ever think of that.  no matter what.. you will always be my pii.  nothing will change..i will still love you. "
pii cried so hard while holding ter's arm...
the hatred on ter's heart began to overflow..
all she was thinking that time while looking at pii was to revenge...
they were on that scene when her mom stella came in..and she was in tears while walking closer to her daughter

(guyz...ill just update soon...sorry for making this chapter short. coz im so tired today.. :] )

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