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it has been the weirdest feeling from ter
she had in a break up
.but never felt pain..
it was so early...she still have time to pick up pii from school.
she waited her outside...and pii was shocked seeing ter's car..
ter step out from her car with a wide smile..
"i thought you have something to settle?"
"yeah..it's done this early so i still had time for you
.i mean to pick you up.."
pii open the car... and get in...ter shook her head while entering the driver seat..
she took a wrapped box from the back seat and give it to pii..
"what's this?"
"open it.."
pii take off the wrap.. and widen her eyes..
"you bought this for me?"
ter just nodded..
it was pii's favorite novel..it's a limited edition book.....
she gave ter a hug..
"thank you so much ter..hmmmm"
"you still mad?"
pii shook her head..
ter draw a smile while starting the car.."
let's visit dad first..then let have dinner.".

"Dad?.how do feel righy now?"
"im better now ter...how about you?..your studies?.."
"dad?..ter was doing great...actually..she's more motivated now."
it was pii..saving her..
"good...ter?...im so happy your coming back.."
"thanks dad...hey...follow all the prescriptions of your doctor...so you can go home soon.."
"okey...you two...behave okey?..and ter..protect your sister..i trust you.."
"okey dad.."

after visiting her dad..ter drive to the nearest seafood resto..it was newly opened so they had discounts in every order..

"hmmm...i really love to eat much specially when it's your treat..haha"
"haha..that's good pii...suit yourself..."
.by the way?...what did you settle with?"
"anne and i had a talk.."
"really?..so what happen?..are you now back? "
"no....i break up with her officially.."
"why?...she cheated on me.."
"well..she deserve that.."
"you think?"
"yah...if im on her position..i wont cheat on you.."
pii nodded while making fun of the fried crab on her plate..
"then i wish.she was you..."
pii take a look at her...
but pulled away immediately..
as they finished the dinner...
pii was again full..
she rush into the bathroom...
maybe... she had eat to much like her tummy wanted to explode..
ter sat down at the sofa...waiting for pii to come out...
after 5 mins...finally..pii felt much better and lesser...
"haha...your stomach didnt take it anymore.."
"yah...i think im gonna poops again.."
"yuck...so disgusting pii"
"haha..just kidding..."
"you wanna sleep now?"
"seriously?..we just finished eating a lot..you want me dead?"
"so you believe in that superstition?..."
"naaah..it's just an old folks stories pii..no science bases.."
"thEre's nothing wrong in believing ter.."
"whatever...im gonna freshin up first.."
"okey...hurry up.."
after she was in her pjs...ter go downstairs and sit beside pii..
...pii was reading thr novel she bought for her...while ter..putting her head on pii!s shoulder...later on..she fell asleep in that position...pii notice her when she was about to fall..
pii adjusted her back on the sofa... and lay beside her...pii was looking at her while touching ter's hair...and finally...she also fell asleep


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