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ter was being awaken by the ringtone of her phone..
"ter?..your dad is awake.."
"yes..please come over here immediately..."
ter just freshin up and drive to the hospital..she didnt even knock at pii...cause she know pii was so tired..

"dad?? god your awake.."
her dad smiled and grab her closer. he cant still speak that good because of the mild stroke..
" "
"im good sorry... im so sorry.."
she was in tears while asking apology to her dad..
they had a small talk but that was more ok than never..
ter texted pii that she was at the hospital..and cant comeback home cause she will have to go to the uni..

"im sorry to say this ms.cheng..but all your subjects had been drop.."
"ma'am..can i take another chance?... i really need to go back..."
"im's already the end of this sem...if you can apply for summer classes.."
ter have to do something for her dad... she had many faults and lies...she have to make it all right..
after enrolling for the summer class...she saw nan and the other gang members at the hallway..they almost didnt recognize ter..she was very more earings or some rocker's bracelets...
"man? that you?"
ter just answered a smile..
"oh my golly...haha...what have you eaten?..are you sick?"
"stop that man..haha"
" look so godly man...i almost forgot how jerk you are with that polo of yours..haha...who made you wear that?..your stepsister?haha"
"ooh...dont tell me...she's now your boss.."
"ofcourse not.."
"haha...but kidding aside look good.."
"thank you man...i have to go..."
"hey. it's to early.."
"i have to buy food for dinner.for pii."
"hey..hey..i smell something wrong.. are you sure...pii was just a sister to you?...youve beem working and a lot for her.."
"yes and im doing this for dad.."
"wow...that was very inspirational.."
"shut up..okey...see you tommorow...i really have to go..."

"pii?...pii?...where are you?"
"im here..."
she was lying at the sofa with his skinny miniskirt..
" properly...your almost showing up your soul"
"ooops...sorry...did it give malice to you?"
"forget about it...i brought barbeque here...let's eat... "
"hmmmm..smells good..."
pii took a plate and put out the barbeque one by one...
she take one of it and then take a bite..
" is dad?"
"he's pretty much well now.. "
"that's good..and your school?"
"is this an interrogation or something?"
"hey im just asking.."
"well..i dropped all my subjects.."
"but i apply for a summer class..."
"that was a big relief actually..did you told him already?"
ter shook her head..
"not yet..not now.."

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