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they ended up in a pasta house..
ter felt disgust after seeing it closed.
"damn!!...what a bad timing.."
"pasta house? love pasta?"
"only lasagna.."
ter sat down in a gatter infront of the close pasta house.
she put her head above her knee..
and scratch the back of her head.
"i think i know what to do.."
ter look up and stare at pii.
she let ter drive at the nearest 24 hours grocery along the city..
pii bought a kilo of pasta sticks..butter...cream..and cheese..
"you will cook?"
"you said your hungry right?"
"yeah..but you sure.. you know how to cook it?"
"yes..i always watch mom everytime she cook.."
they arrived at the mansion exactly midnight..
ter check the grocery bag.. while pii was preparing what she will use..
after almost an hour..finally..they would able to eat..
"how it taste like?"
"awesome...perfect...i mean..this is an ace."
"haha..thank you for the compliment"
ter roll a pasta in her fork and offer it to pii..
"hmm..taste it your own.."
pii eat what's on the fork and also amaze on how it taste.
they had the same reaction..for the first time...ter smiled to pii..feels like no more war again between them..
" i'll stop teasing me now.."
"hmm.ill think of it..haha..but maybe it a yes if you will always cook for me.."
pii's phone was her mom..ter become serious..
"hello mom?.."
"where are you pii?"
"mom? still here at the mansion.."
"what?!! is the monster(ter) there?"
"yes mom...were eating together.."
"are you sure about that?...hey..dont trust know how fool she was..maybe it's just a trick.."
"mom?..ter will talk to you as soon as we get back there.."
"okey...take care.. "
stella has a doubt in ter.because of what she did..ter cant question about that..since it was really her fault..
after pii end the call..ter was still eating but now she was so quiet..
pii tap her..
"you really enjoy my lasagna.. "
"do you think your mom will forgive me?"
" is so kind. "
"i really felt sory about everything pii...i was thinking that after they get would be so busy with you and forget me.."
"dad loves you ter..everytime he talks with mom...he always mention you."
ter took a deep sigh..
"hmm...before we get into drama...why cant we watch a movie together?"
"but it's already late..."
"hmm..then you sleep with at the sofa. "
" way.."
"what?...remember you said lately? were going to be sisters..."
"okey. but pillow between us.."
"haha...okey...such a wise girl"
" touching "
" not like that. "

they both lay down in the floor..they put a comforter so they would feel comfortable...ter watch a horror movie. "wrong turn 5"
while pii got into sleep

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