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ter has nothing to do with her dad.
what he said must be done.
now,she will become the private driver of her step sister.
and that was a torture for her.
being with a person she hated the most.

ter was waiting at her car while talking to her peers nan.
"damn..i dont know if i could take it man."
"just do it ter.. for your car and your allowance."
" choice"
pii get into the car and put her bag at the back seat.
"call you later man..the illegitimate daughter is here.. "
after she drop that she's facing pii.
"so? how does it feel being a princess?"
pii just looking outside and acting like she didnt hear anything..
"you know what..i was just did your mom fall inlove in an old man like my dad??is it really love or just money"
ter has no planned to stop. she wanted to hurt pii by her words.and quit riding her car.
"in your old life..when your mom didnt met my dad yet..are you also living in a mansion like us?"
now pii was holding her temper.she dont want to argue with ter.
"why are you not talking?..are you a mute?..or you cant just say anything cause all that comes out from my mouth is true..right?"
"stop insulting my mom!!!'s never her fault if your dad want her...even once..we didnt wish for your money!.."
pii was now crying but ter remain looking at her..
"so it's my dad's fault now? that she fell inlove with you greedy mom.."
pii get her things..
"stop the car.."
pii open the door and then run away.
ter paused for a minute and then laugh...she felt like winning..
she was happy cause she made pii cry.

after ter's class she waited for pii at the school gate.expecting pii to ride with her again after what she did.
it was 2 hours ago..still no pii.
so she decide to left the school and just go home.
she arrived and pii was already home doing her homeworks.
ter kick the table where pii was working..
her ballpen and things was scattered into the floor.
"you let me wait for you for a almost 2 hours...not knowing youre already home?what the hell"
pii get all her things and put it back to her bag...
"im talking to you!!!"
pii look up to see her..
"why didnt you told me ?you made me stupid there waiting.."
"after what you think i still want to ride in your car?"
"wow!!..your yelling at me?you illegitimate!!"
ter was preparing her punch when her dad saw it..
ter put down her hand..
"what are doing?!your gonna hurt pii??!"
"well your accusing me again dad..what's new..!!..everything i do is wrong!!..why not try to ask her?..."
ter was still talking when pii noticed that her dad was holding her chest..and suddenly she fall down..
ter was just standing..she dont know what she have to do..
stella ran out from the kitchen and she let go of the glass she was holding...
ter's dad was brought to the hospital.

[gonna make this part short :)
i'll update soon.. and add comments]

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