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after a year..pii graduated with her business management course.
it was her graduation but still not sure if ter can make it to the ceremony.

"hmmm! so what? you'll gonna attend or not?.."
"pii?..i will try okey?.."
"i hate you!"
"aww...that hurts..more than's my graduation and my boyfriend was not here?i dont wanna celebrate alone ter.."
"pii..please dont be mad"
pii drop that call...ter was covering her mouth so she cant laugh so loud..she was already at the airport when she make that call.
just after she drop all her stuffs at the mansion...she directly went to the graduation ceremony...
pii was in a bad mood when she sat down at her back and tap her shoulder.
" i wasnt late right?hehe"
pii didnt smile but the happiness in her eyes she was trying to cover up still shows..
after the graduation ceremony...pii was still acting mad at her...ter gave her a bouquet of roses...
"hey. dont be mad already here.."
"pii?...i love you.."
"heck!!!".pii slap her face
"awwww!!..what was that?"
"i didnt like your surprise...i thought i would walk through the stage alone! know i hate to be alone"
now she is in tears
" sorry pii..i didnt mean to make you feel like that. "
pii hug her.
"would you stay here for good? more leaving again?"
"yes pii..hmm"
as they entered the car..
"hmm..where do you wanna celebrate?"
"i think i wanna have pasta.."
"great!..i know a place..."
she was drive by ter on the same place they first was the closed pasta house..but was totally open...
"i think there's a party inside ter.."
"ofcourse...there is..."
as pii step into the restaurant...all her friends..classmates..and ter's friend was was a big surprise.. a big celebration..
and one of the visitor was the one who hurt pii so's jhao..
at first..pii wanted to walk out.. but ter hold here while jhao was apologizing. .
ter know that it would be the only way so pii would be free from that nightmare of her past...maybe it is not easy to forgive especially a person like jhao...but pii admire her boyfriend more because of that effort....
after the party...
they already drive home...pii was a little more tired..but still holding ter's hand...
after thEy reach the was so dark around...
" it black out here?"
"i..i dont know...let's go inside.."
it was very dark even inside the mansion..
"ill just check the fuse box."
"hey. dont leave me here.."
"relax...stay here okey..ill be back.."
pii take a few step inside..and the lights was on...she was so amaze seeing those blinking lights...the heartshape balloons place in every corner of the house...and the petals of roses on the floor...
she cant even speak while looking around
and as the projector was on...facing a big screen..there she started crying..seeing all those photos of her..and their photos together..
and in every photo place on the screen..there's a background music...
"nothing's gonna stop us now"
pii put her two hands along her mouth...biting her lips while her tears continously flowing...
"did you like my surprise pii?"
as she heard talk...she turned around and saw her boyfriend wearing the cap she gave to her..while the other one is in her hand..she step closer to pii and put it on her...
pii still in shock..couldnt speak..she hug ter so tight...
"i love you so much pii."
as pii let go of hugging her. she hold pii on her chin...and kissed her passionately...
what more can a girl like pii ask for..everything was real and perfect...
as they let go of each other's lips...their forehead still stick with each other..
and eye to eye...they felt each other's love as they sway along with the music..
"we can build this dream together..standing strong forever. "
"nothing's gonna stop us now.."
pii smiled as they continue singing that song.

maybe love can be harsh and painful.
but we must not lost our faith..that someday..we'll still have a happy ending.:)
thank you for spending your time reading my stories..godbless you all!!

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