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after few weeks of being laid in at the hospital.finally ter's dad now being release and recovering at home.

"dad?..avoid eating fatty and oily foods okey?..."
"okey..okey..no need to remind me...now go...you'll drive pii to school..you might be late..."
"okey dad..bye2"
"bye2 dad"
it was pii who seconded. and followed ter...

"last night.. i fell asleep.."
"yah...your so heavy... "
"haha..you fell into my chest ter. i didnt wake you up cause your enjoying your sleep.."
"im just tired.."
"haha...denial..are you doing it also to your girlfriend?"
they both smiled secretly...
after they reached the school...
pii get out from the car..and wave her hand to ter...
while ter inside the car... cant stop thinking what ter said...she fell asleep at her chest
damn!..she so lucky..haha

after their class...
ter pick up pii and now had a dinner with her stella and her dad..
while at the table...
"pii?...after you graduate in highschool...where do you wanna go for college?"
it was her dad...asking..
"ahmmm..i think ill be at ter's school also.."
"that's good. atleast..you'll gonna look out for ter..haha"
ter contradicting.and look at pii who was also laughing silently...
for the first time...they both had good time..
and ter was also happy that pii would be at the same uni...
she will always see her...
ter was pretty sure...pii was not just a sister..but more than that...
she was at her room...when somebody knocked..
"come in.."
pii showed up..holding her iphone and a headset..
"hey...i have new song..i think youll gonna like this..it's kinda reggae.."
pii took one headset on her ear. ..
"hmmm...i like the beat..who sung this?"
"adam levine and rock city. .heheh"
"nice..:)...what's the title. "
"locked away"
pii was swaying her head while lying beside ter...
"if i got locked away... and we lost it all today... tell me honestly...would still love me the same.."
ter nailed her eyes on the singing pii...her heart pump so fast... like she running out of breathe.... pii's hair swaying with the waves...
and her eyes like saying something..ter didnt felt it before.
she was just stopped from imagining when pii tap her face...
"haha...why are you looking at me huh?..haha"
"speechless?..your attracted to me?right?..haha"
"hey. what are you talking about..now go to your room..im going to sleep "
pii gave a smack to ter's cheeks..
"hey?..what was that?!"
"relax. it's just a kiss..haha.."
after pii was out of her sight...she covered her blushing face...


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