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after there kissed.. they call themselves as couple...actually..a hidden couple..
no giggling infront of their mom and overflowing sweetness at the uni..and an eye language...which the look on their eyes..they well know what the other's was trying to say..
it might be so difficult..but this is for their own good.
and no kissing... in public places..including their dining and in the living room.except on their perspective rooms.
thEy lasted on that set up for almost 8 months...
they were the best in hiding and acting...jhao still continue pursuing pii...ter wanted to react everytime she make a move but just a look from pii...she'll be able to calm down..
they were both lying in pii's bed..
"are you not getting tired of doing this?"
"doing what?"
"hiding...hiding your true feelings..."
"hmm..sometimes...but everytime i see those beautiful eyes of yours?...i make up my mind.."
"what if one day ..someone would discover our secret
"we have been doing this for almost 8 months pii...and no one ever got a hint... i think our secrets are safe... "
"im hoping that nobody caught us... "
"pii?..remain positive okey?...were doing our best to protect this love..."
ter was about to kiss pii when her mom stella open the door..and almost....caught them..
"hmm...were having a dinner..."
"okey mom...coming.."
after pii close the door.. she bit her lower lip..
"did she able to see us?"
pii release her breathe and again went out with ter...

jhao was not at the canteen when pii had a's weird cause she always wait her there..ter was at the other table but her eyes was on pii..
after a while...jhao texted her..
"pii..let's met after class at the back of the school building.."
"i have something to ask.."
pii felt strange...her heart beat so fast..she look at ter's table...
ter also notice about pii's being uneasy..
they look at each other...
just as what jhao said on her text... pii went at thr back of the building... ter didnt know about that met up..
jhao was already sitting at the big rock...she looks so haggard...and her eyes were blacken..
jhao look at her and tears began to flow out from her eyes..
"at first..i thought i just having a mistake with what i can see from yiu and ter..but as time goes by..i began to realize that all my doubts have bases. "
"wha...what are talking about jhao?"
"you two are not just simple stepsisters...your lovers right?"
jhao get the photo from her bag anfd show it to pii..
"i saw this photo once i visit you and you let me in to your room.."
pii cant say anything... her mind was freaking out..
"your lovers right?!"
"tell me the truth!!"
"yes!!...ter was my boyfriend.."
ter kick the big tree behind her...
she did it over and over again..
"how can i be so stupid!! fooled me!"
"jhao im so sorry..i wanted to tell you everything but im'll gonna spread our secret.. "
"and you will not do it..? that i already knew that your just playing with my emotions..."
"jhao im begging you..please dont do this.."
jhao walk away with the photo on her hand...pii was so afraid.... she was crying when ter saw her...
"pii?...what happened..?"
"she already knew about us.  she'll going to tell it to everyone.."
"shiit...okey...dont cry..ill handle this.."
ter tried to look for jhao...she saw her at the basketball court... talking with the other gang members....
she walk closer.. til jhao saw her.."there she is.... the lover of her own sister.."
everyone was looking at her... like judging her by the way they stare..
jhao stood up and walk closer to ter..
"so?..what does it feel?making your own sister you girlfriend?...does it make you chooked?"
"jhao?..let's talk about this privately.."
" wanna talk?!"
jhao landed a punch to her face.. she fell into the floor.
"what?!! talk mr.!!why did you had a relationship with your sister??!...are you two lunatic?...or satanist maybe..."
nan help ter to stood up...
"listen to me'll regret this..."


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