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"what did you just say?"
"nothing....finished packing your things and then go gonna sleep now.."
pii felt a little dismay about ter..
she thought that ter already came up to her senses..but prove her wrong..
after putting all her stuffs at the huge bag..she was now readybto leave..
ter heard the closing of the door.
she bit her fingernails and then realize.. she need to stop pii from leaving..
she ran through put her room and chase pii who was walking away already.
ter was running out of her breathe after that very long run..
pii turned around to face her.
she was waiting if what ter would say.
" sorry.. please dont...dont leave.."
pii remain as is...looking at ter.
"im begging..please.."
"okey...but you have to talk to my mom...she was the one who was really hurt about what you said."
"okey. gonna talk to her.."
pii gave the bag she was carrying to ter..ter's face was in a doubt if she'd get it or not..
"it's to would you carry it for me?"
ter was thinking...pii put down the bag and walk back to the mansion..
ter took a deep breathe before she carry the bag..pii was's pretty heavy..
after stepping into the mansion..
pii have a seat in the sofa while ter was having a hard time carrying that bag..
she was full of sweat just after she arrived.
"so im sleeping now...gudnyt pii."
just as she was going to step into her room...she shouted..
"by the way!..thanks for that bag... "
and close her door.. pii remain at the living room..she open the tv and lay down at the sofa.
after half an hour...pii was almost sleeping when ter tap her feet..
she opened her eyes and scratch it..
"you wanna go out with me?"
"you didnt had your dinner right?so..lets eat.. "
"this isnt a date right?"
"you kidding me?..were gonna be sister's soon.."
"well..just making these clear for you.."
ter shook her head while playing her car key..
"let's go... im hungry.."
pii comb her hair using her bare hands.
which maid her cute..
she was just 17 while ter was 19..but pii was so childish with her gestures..
she was in her last year in highschool while was in the 2nd year in her college.
while inside the car.. ter open the stereo...
it was a hard rock songs...ter was enjoying the music but pii dont.
it would cause a headache to her..
"ter??..can you low down the volume?"
"please low down the volume!"
"what?..i cannot hear you!!"
pii off the stereo...
"hey!..why did you turn it off?"
"you cant hear i shut it off.."
ter turn it on again..
but this time in a low volume..
"much better.."
said pii while smiling at ter.

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