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after the rain stop... they all come out from the tent...
including pii and ter..
nan was still teasin them
"hey..did you two done banging?haha"
pii didnt take that as a joke...ter walk closer to nan and hold her shirt..
"you wanna die?"
whispering it to nan..
"relax just kidding..hey pii. dont take that seriously... hehehe"
ter let go of nan's shirt... and go back to pii..
"i think. we cant go for hiking's so slippery. why not have a game?"
"i think that's a good idea tam... spin the bottle. "
"haha...i like it.. "
they sat down on a wide mat... while a bonefire at the's goin dark... and getting cold...
in the first spin... the bottle stop straight to jhao..
"okey..truth or dare jhao?"
"what did you like about pii?and why?"
jhao face pii and looking at her eye to eye...
pii was sitting between ter and jhao...
the first time i saw pii...i already had a crush on her.. and the time we texted together. i already knew...she was the one... i like her cause she's different from the other's who will just flirt easily to someone...pii was a very conservative girl...the one i been looking for so long.. "
everybody was shouting and teasing them after what jhao said. pii blushed accidently which ter had saw...
"blushing?seriously?".pii heard that but just continue smiling at them...
the bottle was spin again..and's pii...
"truth or dare pii?"
"your brave.. haha..dont worry would be easy... now..we want you to kiss jhao. "
jhao was looking at her and excited about that... pii look at ter who looks like not enjoying everything...
"c'mon pii. it's just a kiss"
jhao move her cheeks closer to pii..
pii hold ter's hand secretly that anyone couldnt see it.. and then move her lips closer to jhao's cheeks..but silly jhao face her which made there lips met...
" sorry pii..."
ter was shaking and she already round her hand. like any minute now. she'll goin to punch jhao.
everyone was also shocked an had a long paused..before they scream as a reaction to that..
"yeah.. you scored that jhao. haha"
"haha..hey i didnt plan it. haha"
nan worriedly look at ter...pii hold her hand tighter but she let go of it and stood up..
"hey ter?...where are you going?.."
"im sleepy... i just take a nap..just continue the game. "
"your such a killjoy.. "
ter didnt that and go back to her tent..there she covered her face with a pillow..she wanted to punch everyone...
she was covered with her anger
while pii...worrying about ter... stay but now she's not okey...
"pii? sorry again.."
pii just nodded but the truth she was pissed of already..
"hey guyz..
i heard there is a firefly sanctuary here..let's go take a look.."
"that's great..come with us pii.."
" afraid i cant leave ter alone here. "
"ter can live here own pii..and besides. she was the strongest among the group. right guyz?"
"yeah. let's go pii. you'll enjoy there. swear. "
pii has no choice but to come with them..jhao grab her hand... but pii put it back down...
jhao just smiled but also felt hurt about pii's reaction..


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