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ter's dad was transfered in a private room..stella was sleeping in a couch when they arrived.
pii just wake her up..
ter was just standing at the door.. hesitated to c0me closer to her dad.
stella stood up... and saw ter... she was looking at her seriously.
"ter? come here..dont just stand up there.."
it was pii...ter step closer to them with her head down..
she cant stare at her step mom.
she was so shy..
"ter? are you?"
her stepmom talking to her.
"im fine.. "
a casual answer from ter.
"good that you visit your dad..he would be so glad if he woke up with you at his side."
ter smiled at her..but still her legs were shaking..she cant let go of any words for hee stepmom...that was very unusual...since she was fun of talking shits to others..
" can now to home.. we can assist dad...we'll never leave him.."
pii reassuring her mom..
"okey..just call me..ill be at the condo"
" can stay at the mansion.."
"no ill be ok at my condo ter.."
"ahmm..stella wait.."
ter used to call her by her name...
"i just want to say sorry about being rude to you... please just stay with us...for dad...he loves you so much.."
"oket..just for your dad"
ter gave her a sincere smile..
"thank you.."
ter and pii was left at the hospital..
nan call up ter just to know the latest about her since she havent showed up for almost 3 days now.
"hey man! ..are you still breathing? didnt show up at the party last night.."
"sorry was brought at the hospital.."
"oh? how is he?"
"still in the comma"
" when will you join us? "
"tommorow ill be in school..ill just check anne.."
"ah..that's what i was trying to say must talk to her. "
"why man? there something happening to her?"
"just be here tommorow man... "
ter felt uneasy about what nan said to made her think much deeper .
pii was reading a pocketbook bit listening to what she's talking with nan..
ter took a cup of ice cream from the fredge and sat down beside pii..
ahe caught pii's attention..
"you get an ice cream for your self alone? how about me?"
"you want?"
"naah..hehe...just gave me a scoop..."
while sharing one ice cream with one spoon(so sweet!!heheh) ter put her head on pii's shoulder..
"so were close now?"
ter remove her head but pii took it back..
"you have a problem with your i right?"
"it's nothing pii..:)"
"you are not good in hiding.."
ter put a distance between them and face pii.
<"so what is it ter?"
"my friend nan...she told me..there's something happening to anne while im not there... now my mind was being distracted by a big question.. "
"youre having a doubt on her?"
"i dont know"
"does she gave you a reason to doubt her?"
"i dont know.."
"then you must check it out..."
"how about you pii? you have a boyfriend?"
their face was so close... like they can feel each other's breathe..
pii smiled and shook her head..
"but you did have a boyfriend before?"
"no fucos on my time for having a relationship."
"no time or just dont find the right one yet?"
"right one?..what does it mean?"
"right one... meaning... you already felt something uncommon..right for example..i was looking at you right now..and i felt that my heart was beating so fast.. and i had this weird feelings while staring at you.."
they gone so serious while looking at each other..feels like all that ter's said was really coming out from her heart..but that sweet moment was interrupted when a nurse came in.. they both freak out after thEy were surprise by that nurse..
"excuse me..i will just check the patient
pii smiled secretly... ter saw that and made the same reaction
.what the heck are they doing...they will become sisters soon
.but why does they felt weird with each other...specially ter..
it's already dark when stella cameback to the hospital...pii was already sleeping at the couch..but ter was wide wake while looking at her well as looking at pii.
she was so cute...
after stella arrived they both go home...
while driving...
"pii?..let's just have dinner we'll just go to bed when were home."
"it's up to you also tired...i just wanna sleep"
" have to eat first.."
they were brought by their feet on a sizzling house..
all the menu their was being cook in a metal plate..
pii was awaken after she smell the smoke coming from the food.
" starving.."
" said youre sleepy?"
"yeah...but also hungry..let's eat"
ter was having fun looking at pii.. she was very childish... and yet very fragile.

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