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You were the first girl in the glade two years ago, you weren't the top leader that was Alby, but all of the guys still respected you as a leader as well. Alby was the top, you were second and Newt was third. No one questioned you when you made a new rule that was to be enforced within the glade which was smooth sailing until the box came up a while later bringing another girl up with it.
The first few days of having her around was alright because she was still trying to figure out her name and why she was in the glade and all that fun greenie business. It was also clear that from the very moment she saw you that she despised you. The new girl was getting on everyone's nerves even the smooth sailing Newt.

He sat you and Minho down by the gardens one day. "She's trying to be in charge i bloody swear it. She thinks she can defy everyone, this isn't going to go well. She gets along with Gally and that's it."
"Doesn't surprise me." you mutter and both of the boys agreed with you. "What's her job, Newt?"
"She wants to be a runner, what else."
You and Minho shared a look. "I'm a runner, she's not."
The new girl came up to you almost as if she had sonic hearing and heard what you were saying about her. "Gally told me that a meeting was to be held tomorrow to decide when i start running." She was too smug and you stood up pushing away Minho's hands as he tried to stop you.
"You're not going to be a runner."

"Says who?"

"Says me! 

Alby's down for the count right now which leaves me in charge of this glade. I have the two keepers right below me right here, do you see Gally here? No, he's not in the top, what he says does not go in this shucking place. He knows that. So you can sit your pretty little greenie ass down and wait for me to assign you to your job which i was going to put you as a slicer since you like to cut down everyone here."

"Gally says i'm going to be a runner."
"Did you not bloody hear her? You're not going to be a runner, Gally has no say here whether he likes that fact or not. (YN)'s in charge here, not him. What she says goes." Newt stood and soon Minho stood behind the both of you, a crowd of the rest of the gladers soon came around. "No one questions what (YN) says, greenie."

"I'm changing that, i want to be a runner, i'm going to be a runner i am a runner!"

"You're not a runner!" you screamed. "I'm in charge here you shucking slinthead, you're to be a slicer, may your soul be spared, Winston." you apologized to the keeper of the slicers. "I was going to let you try and prove to me you could be a runner, but you lost that. You try and leave and go out there in the maze, you won't be coming back because i will make it a full banishing just because i can. You don't break the rules here, the rules were in place before you got here. So you can shut you shucking mouth and suck it up like the rest of us have."
She looked around the group. "Seriously, you're just going to let her have reign over you all?"
"She was here first, she knows what she's doing." Frypan said. "We trust her to lead us the right way, she takes suggestions in a calm manner which you don't obviously know. Alby trusts her, Newt trusts here and Minho trusts her."

"What about Gally."

"Screw Gally." Minho said. "He doesn't have a say in here, he's just an annoying shank that's all he is. (YN)'s in charge, we all clearly like her instead of you. Can she go into the pit?" He looked at you with a pleading look and you nodded. 

"She's crossed the line, needs to be punished." She was going to protest but you gave her a wicked grin. "Oh come on, this is what Gally does to people for a lot less, he doesn't always get what he wants but i'm just taking a page out of his book for today. Two days in the pit, you'll get water and some bread, nothing more." You turned and walked away before looking at Frypan and Zart.

 "Put her there please? Maybe she'll finally learn her place around here." You watched as they took her away. "And one more thing?" you called and they stopped. "Act up again and you'll be banished, Gally tries to defend you, he'll go with you. It'll hurt losing two people but i think i can live without you two, god knows we all would be better off."

Minho and Newt followed you, laughing. "That was bloody awesome." Newt laughed and Minho wrapped his arms around your shoulders. "He's right, (YN). Alby would be proud."

"Alby is proud."

You guys all saw Alby standing in the doorway to the homestead. "You're awake. You can be in charge again, i've had my fill."

"Oh no." He put his hands up. "You're in charge from here on out, i'll be second in command now. I liked how you handled that and her, i knew right away she wasn't right. Took you to finally say something about it."

"Okay lay down, you need more rest." He went away and you sat in the doorway with Minho and Newt. "So, i'm in charge now? Wow."
"You deserve it." Minho says and Newt nodded in agreement.
"Well, let's help Frypan finish dinner, it's the least we can do since he put her in the slammer for us." The boys got up and together you helped make a victory dinner for everyone in the glade except the girl and Gally. They both settled for some bread and water, at least now no one would cross you ever again

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