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Before Her by books_r_mylife
Before Herby books_r_mylife
I couldn't remember anything. I racked my brain and tore through every single part of my skull. I screamed in frustration and tried to remember something, anything. My...
  • jamesdashner
  • mystery
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Remembrance (Newt X Reader) by Bella0104427
Remembrance (Newt X Reader)by Bella
You're only the second girl to wake up in the Glade, disoriented and confused. The only difference: you remember everything. Every Glader, every custom, every twist and...
  • fanfiction
  • newt
  • thomas
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CLARITY, (newt.) by isaacnewts
CLARITY, (newt.)by 𝖈𝖍𝖑𝖔𝖊
[the maze runner] i've been lost. but as i find him again, it feels like such a relief. a fresh breath of air. peace, at last. amazing cover by @fionnwhitehead!!
  • dylanobrien
  • thomasbrodiesangster
  • lucy
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Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt) by countrycake
Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)by 😊
Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't th...
  • maze-runner
  • gally
  • fanfic
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The Stiles you knew is gone.  (Maze Runner x Teen Wolf Crossover) by CripticKisses
The Stiles you knew is gone. ( Bella
They have faced Greivers, scientists gone mad, seen murder first hand, even had to kill for their own freedom but nothing prepared them for being thrust back into their...
  • mccall-halepack
  • derekhale
  • maze
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Fighter (The Maze Runner • Newt) by xoAwkwardDiamond
Fighter (The Maze Runner • Newt)by xoAwkwardDiamond
I didn't know what I was really doing most of the time. It may have seemed like I did but to be completely honest with myself; I ran head first into a war I didn't kno...
  • newt
  • teresa
  • teenfiction
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Wicked Heart [The Maze Runner] by theoutsidersgirl
Wicked Heart [The Maze Runner]by ✨Amanda✨
Mallory, Group A, Subject C2. The Heart. After two years of normal routine, Mal is the first girl to arrive in the Glade. To the Gladers, she's curious and sassy. To WIC...
  • deathcure
  • mazerunner
  • newtfanfic
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Hope || Newt x Reader by sincerelygabriel
Hope || Newt x Readerby Trickster
❝But now I know that wherever we are, or whatever we're doing, we'll always have each other.❞ You woke up in the Maze two years ago with no memories, except your name. W...
  • gally
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THE GAME CHANGER ( NEWT 1 ! ) ✩ 𝓜𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓷 ✩
  • newt
  • winston
  • themazerunner
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Perilous Love | Maze Runner by acreativeblur
Perilous Love | Maze Runnerby kat
″ your love sparked a wildfire in me, and i gladly burned up. ‶ [Winner of the E-Awards: "Best Series"] [Highest Ranking: #36 in Fanfiction. #7 in Mazerunner] ...
  • themazerunnerfanfic
  • mazerunnerfanfic
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𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍 | 𝐧𝐞𝐰𝐭¹ ✓ by riiseandshine
𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍 | 𝐧𝐞𝐰𝐭¹ ✓by 𝐢𝐭'𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐧!
Sweven (n.) a vision in sleep; a dream [She filled in the blanks that worry and darkness had left in its wake.] - Newt x OC (first book) - Completed✓ - Sequel published!
  • newtfanfic
  • minho
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Before The Day is Done(The Maze Runner Fanfic-Newt) by Nory1234
Before The Day is Done(The Maze LeAnn
*(Discontinued)*Everything in the Glade is moving smoothly and it is the day when the box brings up a new greenie but what the gladers don't know is...its no normal gree...
  • beforethedayisdone
  • themazerunnerfanfiction
  • girlarrivesattheglade
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Newt x Reader - The Heart by YeetFanFic
Newt x Reader - The Heartby
After getting out of the maze you cant trust anyone after your brother and close friend are taken from you. That is until you meet Aris and some newbies that are trying...
  • mazerunner
  • themazerunnerschorchtrials
  • sangster
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black veil ◦ scorch trials || thomas by wylans
black veil ◦ scorch trials || 𝓼𝓪𝔃
Guilt keeps her mulling over the matter longer than she should. But underneath the self-loathing and the whirlwind of emotions, there are lessons. Lessons to learn from...
  • rightarm
  • brenda
  • wckd
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Maze Runner Minho X OC by PontiacFirebird
Maze Runner Minho X OCby The Author
Annora wakes up in a strange place called The Glade trapped between walls. She needs to find a way out, but how will she if she's underestimated because she's a girl?
  • thomas
  • newt
  • mazerunner
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I Know Places [Thomas The Maze Runner] by lumossolemi
I Know Places [Thomas The Maze ★ izzy ★
Originally posted by me on quotev: After a memory swipe, Elle is sent into a Glade, surrounde...
  • maze
  • themazerunner
  • fanfiction
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Gallys Little Sister *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by leasymay
Gallys Little Sister *UNDER leasymay
I woke up all of a sudden, in pitch black darkness. It was cold and I couldn't see a thing, I felt myself breathing deeply and searching for something, anything, with my...
  • minho
  • lovetriangle
  • lovestory
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The Maze Girl by kells00
The Maze Girlby kells00
[The Maze Runner] [Book 1] Bella was the first girl to enter the maze who is also Gally's little sister. It is not easy being the only girl when most of the boys in the...
  • gally
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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Thomas Brodie Sangster x female reader imagines by PeterPanNeverFail
Thomas Brodie Sangster x female PeterPanNeverFail
Alright this is My first book so this is crap This is book is full of Thomas and all of his characters he played like: Samuel: Phantom Halo Newt: Maze Runner Simon: Nann...
  • nowhereboy
  • thomasbrodiesangster
  • donald
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TMR/TBS Imagines by aewhite624
TMR/TBS Imaginesby Mazerunnerrunner
I'm a hopeless romantic so I write stories about The Maze Runner's Newt or Thomas Brodie Sangster. Most of them are sweet but some are heartbreaking. Thanks for reading...
  • mazerunner
  • tbs
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