31 part 1*

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I sat across from Nash as he ate his food. I wasn't hungry , I was just bothered. "You haven't ate since yesterday morning, eat." I shook my head and looked down at my hands. I heard a hand slam down on the wooden table and a chuckle.

"Don't know if you heard me but eat."

"Listen, if I don't want to eat I don't have to." I snapped as I got up and walked out of the kitchen.

I didn't get far as I felt someone grab my hair and yank me back against his chest. "No, you listen. I will not disrespected. You will eat and when I tell you something , you don't get up and walk away." He threw me down on the hardwood floor and I didn't dare look up at him.

"You'll eat later." I heard his footsteps go into the kitchen and I crawled up stairs. Once I got there, I crawled into bed and laid there.

A tear ran down my cheek and I didn't even bother to wipe it. I don't even know how this got this far. I just don't know. He just turned.

I miss him.

Oh how I long for him.

I want him back. I wonder if he thinks about me.

Nah told me all about his Sara and him are together and the baby is his. I guess it's too late for us.

I sighed and looked into the bathroom, anything could be more exciting.

I heard a light knock on the door and my heart dropped.

Oh that's not exciting and you know it!!

"Jordan??" He lightly whispered against the door. I rolled my eyes and sat up.

"Yea?" I didn't want him to come in even though he shares this room with me.

"I'm sorry, can I come in?" I contemplated on yelling fu¢k you and locking the door but yea that's in my dreams.

"Sure." I didn't want to sound eager because I wasn't.

"Okay." He opened the door and sat next to me on the bed. "Listen , I'm truly sorry about earlier, I just hate it when you treat your body like that." I nodded and looked down.

"Hey don't look down."/he looked into my eyes a and kissed me. "

I pictured his blonde hair between my fingers as he layed me down. I pretended like he was Taylor.

His bug hands started to roam and he but my lip. He started to caress my inner  thighs. I stopped his hand and he pulled away from my lips.

"Um can we stop now?"

"No, I'm your boyfriend and you haven't please like the way I wanted yet." He went to my neck and I squirmed.

Make him stop!!

My mind screamed but he held my arms were held by Nash.

"Na-shh-h." I was trying to talk in between his kissing. I bit his lip hard and he yelled and they way he looked at me.

"Why are you being so difficult!!!! Just fu¢king lay there and take it."

He growled and began to stick his hand in my pants.

"Please Nash!! Just please-" a sting landed on my cheek and I cried out.

He hit me...

Do something!!

I couldn't speak as tears streamed down my face.

"Ahhhh." I whimpered and closed my eyes.

"I remember when I first met you, you were so shy!! And you would do this thing were you would look at me and when I look at you , you would pretend to look out the window.." he burst out laughing.

I rolled my eyes and laid on his chest.

It was one of those days were we stayed at home and just talked and laid around and made love.

"But then just became a total dixk to you and I regret that babe."

I nodded and licked his neck and got up and ran away.

I didn't get far as usual felt arms around my stomach and being pulled back to a liquid being dragged across my neck.

"Ewwwww, you licked me!!!"  He laughed in my ear and  carried me down stairs. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms as he sat me on the counter and turned to the stove.

"What shall I make my princess?"

"Anything that my Prince decides to make." He pecked my lips and got out pancake batter.

That's when I knew I was officially in love with this idiot.

"That was amazing." He numbered and got up putting on his underwear. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Know I see what Taylor talked about." He chuckled and looked at me.

"Oh yeah can you go to the grocery store? I want something to eat or you could just stay here with me?" he winked  and I slowly got up and a pain shot through me. I grabbed the covers and got up.

I pulled on my clothes and left the house, getting in my truck. I looked at his house that caused me so much pain.

I admit it.

I'm not happy.

I'm not happy.

I pulled out and made my way to the store. I needed some type of space and time to think.

He raped me.

I told him no.

I told him no.

He didn't listen.

I wiped my tears and pulled into the first parking space I saw. I got my purse and climbed out. I walked into the store and I felt like everyone looked at me. I turned and walked to the carts and got one , not really finding the patience to be here.

I turned down a aisle and grabbed a box if central not really putting much thought into it.

I was looking down at the list that's been sitting in my purse when I heard it.


"Jordan?" I looked up and saw him. I dropped my list and stared at him.




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