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Taylor p.o.v

It's been a couple days and Jordan has still been cold toward me. I've tried giving her time to cool down but she's pissing me off. I would try to kiss her and she'd turn her head and when I hug her she shrug me off. Sometimes she would sit on the couch and stare off into to space. I don't know what's wrong but she won't tell me. I feel as if she's blowing this way out if proportion and overreacting. We're dating for God sakes she's supposed to be with me not against me.

I mean I can't control that , that baby inside Sara might be mine. If it is Jordan is just going to have to deal with it.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by sniffles coming from the bathroom. I stopped and put my ear against the door. I heard sniffles and hard raged breathing. I knew it was Jordan and decided to knock.

Once I did, all noises coming from inside the bathroom stopped and a little shuffling and the door lock. "Jordan! I'm tired of this, talk to me I'm your boyfriend!-" the door flew open and a teary eyed Jordan was stood there staring daggers into my soul. She pushed me out of the way and stalked into my bedroom walking in and leaving me following after her.

"Jordan!! I'm so tired of you ignoring me, for what?! Telling you the truth. I could of lied or kept it away from you but I told you. Because I love you. Then after I tell you this what do I get rewarded with the silent treatment!! I miss Jordan okay. I do but my fuxking temper keeps rising when you won't give me the time of day because my ex girlfriend might be pregnant with my baby!-"

"First, yeah I'm glad you told me the truth rather than lie or hide it yeah im glad you did that but I didn't know that you were with Sara until you told me which was recently. I can't help but feel like your side hoe! Her being pregnant is makes me think of how she felt knowing that her boyfriend was sleeping with this whore!! Taylor I feel so used. I'm just something you fuxked when you were bored and Sara wasn't around-"

I interrupted her. "Jordan-" 

"NO, I was Taylor I was just something with a big butt and you could take advantage of because you knew I had feelings for you!! You claimed that you had feelings for me after all but you were still with her! You would of broke up with her or something! I knew my place as your who're and I desperately tried to convince myself 'oh he has feelings for me!' But I was the toy Taylor! She wasn't and isnt it funny how you end up with your side hoe after all if this!!?

It's really funny. It really is. I desperately tired to make myself understand where your coming from and this situation but can't help but thinking what if Sara steals you back and you guys have a amazing family. Taylor I need time to think about this." She started to grab a tote bad and some clothes.

My demeanor changed and I was walking over to her.

"Jordan you can think in the next room, where are you going?!"

"I have to think for a while... alone." I grabbed her bag and threw it across the room making her look at me and try to walk over to it.

"Your not leaving me, Jordan get back here and let's talk this sh¡t out!?" She shook her head and grab the bag, I grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall making her whimper.

"Your not leaving me no matter what you say, your mine jordan-"

"There you go!!" She screamed breathing heavily and trying to get out of my grip. I pinned her arms above her head and pressed my body against her.

"What do you mean there you go." She huffed then spoke

"Taylor your making it sound like I'm your toy again. I feel like sometimes you forget I'm your girlfriend!" She breathed trying to get her arms free. I let her go and sat on the corner of the bed, I put my hands on my face and sighed. I really fuxked up, I didn't ask her one bit how she felt. I didn't know she felt this way.....

"I'm sorry Jordan I really am, but I really do love you okay. You were my toy okay you were but your not a hoe okay. I realized my feelings to late when I was with Sara. I don't want you ever to think like that. Your something special and yeah I should of told you sooner that I was with Sara, I apologize for that. I always cared for you and always will. I know I'm a screw up so you can leave me if you want." I breathed looking into her eyes.

My heart was hurting and tears was running down my cheeks. I just feel a huge weight on me.

"Just please whatever you do, if you want to think for a while, just please come back tomorrow." I pleaded looking at her drained face. I could feel the tension in the room and it looked like she was fighting herself whether to stay or leave. I just hope she stays but if she leaves i'll understand.

"Ill be back in the morning."

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