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Taylor P.o.v

I watched as Jordan walk in first period ,holding her side looking down. "Miss Micheals why are you late?" Mrs.Sterling questioned glaring at one her honour students. "I-I-felt sick." Jordan stuttered making me smirk. God she's so sexy when she stutters I just wanna pull down her skirt and bang my c- okay Taylor little Taylor is getting to excited .

I adjusted my suddenly tight pants and starred at Jordan. "Go find a empty seat." Mrs.Sterling sighed and sat back in her office chair. Jordan scanned the room and found the only lab table next to me.

I smirked and leaned forward licking my lips, I saw the horror in her eyes, I kind of made me sad but that will all change soon enough...

She shuffled toward my table and sat down to the right of me, Damn her skirt is showing too much skin.

Me being the cocky bastard I am I slipped my hand on her upper, inner thigh feeling her milk chocolate skin, I felt her shiver under my touch.

I moved up a little bit right over her 'girl' I started rubbing which made her grab my hand and throw it off. I smirked and chuckled under my breath. This is going to be fun...

Jordan's p.o.v

I was shaking ,he touched me. I know I wanted him to touch me,to hold me but not this! I scooted over a little bit in my chair and listened to Mrs.Sterling.

When the bell ring I ran to my locker putting my nessasary items into my locker and running to second period.

On the way to Literature Aaron tripped me making me fall arm first, surging pain throughout my body. I tired getting up but the pain was unbearable. Don't cry, DON'T CRY!!

Tears finally escaping my eyelids, falling down my cheeks, I looked up at Aaron and Dillion just happened to be Taylors sidekicks. Taylor just stood there with a blank expression.

I gave him a pained look and looked around and everyone was laughing . You see this isn't the first time the whole school joined in, everyone hates me well except for Kaela but she is hardly around.

I got up holding my arm and Dillion kicked my leg I was a balancing on, I dropped on the marble school floors hearing a crack . I yelped feeling the pain shoot up my leg. "Oh the whore is crying!!"Aaron yelled making my life worse twenty percent worse.

Taylor mouthed 'I'm sorry', the tears came faster and I got up with a limp and ran/limped to the bathroom. Once I made it to the stalls I slid down the wall next to the toilet.

Why can't I just end it all?!!? Yeah right I forgot I'm in love with my bully......



Honestly I could of done better BUTTTT its gonna get spicy!!! So yeah...
Chapter 2 coming up!!!!*;4&;*-

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