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T A Y L O R (very important, read authors note!!!) Pic if Tay<3

I slid out of the bed quietly and put on some boxers and sweats. I got a shirt out of my closet and looked at a sleeping Jordan clutching a pillow.

I had to give it to her so she thinks it's me. I don't need her waking up.

Especially what I'm going to do.

Well because Nash needs his a.ss kicked for raping my baby girl.

Revenge. You might say.

I walked quietly over to the bed side table putting a note down for her.

I walked out the door and walked downstairs.

I locked the door and walked to my truck getting in and taking out my phone. "Hey Aaron, I need a huge favor, I need to take care of someone....Ill text u the address."

I started my baby and backed out of my driveway.

I made my way to his house and mentally prepared myself. I hope Jordan never finds about this.

I met Aaron down the street from his house and he got out and climbed in my car. "So how's the wifey?" He smiled and I smiled back.

"Just got her back dude, but this is why I called you. Nash raped and probably did God knows what to her, she only told me a little bit. I want to get this sick bastar.d back." I seethed staring at the house up ahead.

"Okay I see, do you want him dead?" Aaron asked looking at me. He raised his eyebrows and I thought for a minute.  Do I want him dead?

"Surprise me." He nodded and smirked getting out of the car. I followed his lead and walked to his house. I knocked on the door and shortly he answered and he stared at me.

I pushed him inside the house and Aaron closed the door. "Bring him to the couch." I wanted him to feel what Jordan did but nine hundred  Times worse.

"W-why are you g-guys here?" Nash stuttered looking back and forth between us.

"Shut up!! Don't talk! You know It's funny how you thought you could take my girlfriend you sick son of a bitxh. She never liked you, she just needed a distraction and you were a terrible one though.  But you being the pig you are, raped my princess and for that you will suffer bitch." He laughed and smirked.

"I still fucked your bit.ch, she's so tight- ." I punched him making him fly to the ground. I stood over him and spoke. "One for Jordan." Kick. "One for me." Kick. "One for being a bi,tch." Kick. "Oh fu.ck it ." I delivered kicks to his body not really caring. My anger was getting the best of me and I couldn't care. This bas.tard touched my princess. I lost count when after 30.

He deserve no mercy.

I felt Aaron pull me from his bloody figure. I spit on him and walked away.

"Kill the bi.tch" I said looking Aaron in the eye and Aaron nodded smiling back at Nash bloody figure.

I walked out and walked to my car. Seeing it was 11 a clock and Jordan is probably awake. I looked at my phone and 56 missed calls from:



Your in trouble.

I got in my car and raced home hoping Jordan wasn't mad.  I stopped by the store to get some roses so she wouldn't be to mad. I drive down the street, realizing that I don't regret anything I did. Now we can live happily ever after.

At least that's how it is in the fan fics

When I finally got home and raced through the door. "Jordan , I'm here baby girl."

"What the he.ll, Taylor!!! Where were you?!?" She yelled looking looking at me. She only had on my oversized sweater. She looked adorable.

"I'm sorry, I was running some errands and taking care of a few things and I got you these."

I pulled the pink roses behind my back and gave it to her. Her face softened and she grabbed them and wrapped her arms around me with her flowers in her right hand attaching her lips with mine.

As long as my baby girl happy, I'm happy.

She pulled back caressed my cheek. "I missed you Taylor, I  woke up and you weren't there, I thought you left me again.." she looked really upset.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm not leaving you, your my everything. Why would I leave everything?" She rolled her eyes and pecked my cheek.

"In cooking so when your ready make your plate babe." I nodded and was about to walk into the kitchen when someone text me. I opened it and read the message.

Aaron- Job done.

I smiled and text back.

Taylor- Good.....

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